Post – 21st January 2020

21 Jan Post – 21st January 2020

Post – 21st January 2020


The Senate Trial of President Trump begins in just six hours or so.

The MSM has laid out a case built on straw.

The progressive public believes Trump will be shown to have committed all sorts of High Crimes and Misdemeanours.

The opposite will occur.

This Trial will be historic in that the Deep State will be fully exposed for multiple crimes.

By the end, Trump will have demonstrated, that he is innocent and that a coup d’état was committed against him.

All the witnesses called will show the Deep State to be guilty.

The evidence against the Deep State will be overwhelming.

Most importantly the MSM will be dealt a mortal wound.

They have purported that the Democrats in the House investigated and prosecuted their case fairly with due process afforded to Trump.

The Senate Trial will demonstrate just how much of a farce the House articles of impeachment actually were.

Obviously, the whole charade is a Show.

The Q Team have organised this for years.

They have purposely created a Trial so as to legally inject evidence to bring down the Deep State.

Pelosi et al are completely controlled.

Military precision.

As Q has recently posted – the next week will be memorable.

No doubt, General Flynn has been set-up/entrapped. This will soon be apparent to all.

The Democrats main weapon is supposed to be Lev Parnas. This will backfire spectacularly.

He was introduced surreptitiously by the Q Team as the last minute Democrat saviour to peak progressive interest.

He will hurt the MSM significantly.

Rudy Giuliani will give devastating testimony – even implicating Obama.

Durham will take up the revelations in the Trial to further expand his criminal probe.

He will indict many in the early Northern summer.

Arrests will come.

It’s been a long wait Patriots.

The Storm is very close.

Dark to light.

Enjoy the fireworks.

Watch the ABC squirm.

They know the clean-up is coming here.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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