Post – 24th December 2019

24 Dec Post – 24th December 2019

Post – 24th December 2019

Merry Christmas to all Patriots!

I hope everyone reading this, whether a Patriot or not, has a very Merry Christmas.

This post will be ultra quick.

You will not hear this conjecture anywhere else on the internet.

It is simply my guess at how the puzzle pieces fit together.


Judge Collyer is the Head of the FISA Court.

I reckon she may have tracked crimes in order to salvage the FISA Court.

Let’s go.

In March 2016, the DOJ oversight committee noticed that outside contractors had been accessing raw data from the NSA supercomputers to compile FISA 702 profiles.

702’s can only be done on foreigners.

They were using “about queries”.

The target of the “query” is neither the sender nor the recipient of the collected communication.

The “query” picks up anything about the target from anyone else in the world.

In other words “about queries” will pick up all data about the target which is known to exist anywhere.

The contractors did these “about queries”.

So who were these contractors in America?

We know from Q a long time ago that there were 4 contractors.

Were they GCHQ or ASIO (FVEY) so they were immune from US Law?

If so, this would be semi-illegal because it would be a backchannel and not through an official FVEY protocol.

Was the base in Fort Mead, Maryland?

Were they feeding the intel to Obama/Brennan for blackmail and pay-to-play?

Anyways, Rogers quickly closed the illegal spying on US citizens.

It had been going on for years.

He started a secret review to ascertain the extent of the crimes involved.

The bad guys knew they were caught and had to start their Russia Russia Russia cover-up to deflect.

On 21st October 2016, Rogers briefed the DOJ of his findings. Then on 24th October he also briefed Judge Collyer on the massive FISA crimes.

Here is what I reckon happened.

The US Military set-up a legal STING by Rogers/Collyer.

Collyer had signed the original FISA warrant on Carter Page three days beforehand.

The FBI had lied their asses off to her.

This has been proven by the Horowitz Report.

Then further documentation of the FBI crimes occurred in real time as the process continued.

Each signatory of the further FISA requests to spy on Trump is screwed.

Note – Rosenstein was one signatory and he is likely a grey hat – black turned white.

Thus Rosenstein gets a free pass as he was working with the US Military.

The other Judges were corrupt and are also screwed.

So to clarify:

Collyer signed off on the Carter Page FISA warrant three days BEFORE Admiral Rogers informed her of the 702 FISA abuse.

Admiral Rogers then worked with her for six months on the review.

On April 26th 2107 she produced a 99 page Ruling on the abuse.

Here is the Ruling –

Notice that the Ruling was directed to someone but we don’t know who that was because it is blacked out.

I wonder if it bypassed someone?

That would be a major chess move as the Deep State would not have expected it.

They might have thought they were in the clear.

Most likely it was sent to the US Military who had actually requested it – or it may have gone to a white hat at the DOJ.

I reckon she is a good guy.

It says on Page 87 – “The improper access granted to the contractors…. seems to be the result of deliberate decision making”.

In other words the 4 contractors were engaged in criminal conduct and spying on anyone they wanted.

In this case it was thousands of their enemies over almost 8 Obama years.

Who they are and who controlled them will be of the GRAVEST importance.

These four contractors will have accessed and spied on thousands for blackmail and pay-to-play.

Collyer knows.

It must be entailed in the Ruling!

But it is blacked out.

needs to DECLAS this immediately!

I think we need a hashtag:

I reckon this is the “Something BIG is coming” from Q Post 3738!

Obama/Brennan’s use of the contractors to do their spying will come to light.

So it’s possible Collyer has stood down due to “health issues” because she is a good guy and is needed to provide testimony against the other signatories.

You can freely testify against other Judges if you have resigned.

It depends on what this report produced and whether it was an accurate appraisal of the crimes – as to her guilt.

I think the Ruling is cool and she is a white hat.

There were further signatures on warrants which were obviously criminal. They have been caught red handed.

Furthermore it is possible Bill Priestap is a grey hat because he is the only signatory still working.

If so, he would have quite a story to tell! Flipperoo.

No wonder Admiral Rogers went to Trump Tower on November 17th 2016.

It is also no wonder Trump moved out from Trump Tower the same day.

He knew he was being spied on by Obama and Brennan.

Justice is not so far away now.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor








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