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18 Dec Post – 18th December 2019

Post – 18th December 2019


1) 💥Will Queen Elizabeth II go to Prison?💥

2) Is the Queen guilty of an ‘Act of War’ against The People of The United States of America?

3) In other words, did the Queen attempt a coup d’état against President Trump?

Traitors Gate Dungeon at the Tower of London – 👇

4) Should the Queen be placed in the Tower? Tower of London Prison – 👇

5) Let’s try to answer this by piecing together and its connection to the UK.

6) The Privy Council Central to is the function and role of the Privy Council.

Let’s have a look at this little known but extremely powerful arm of the British Government.

7) The Privy Council was founded in 1708.

It has been at the heart of all significant historical events in the UK.

Many decisions have had enormous repercussions for the entire world.

8) The Privy Council is a secretive unaccountable autocratic entity.

In short – it is a potent Deep State tool. Currently there are some 700 Privy Councillors.

However full meetings are extremely rare.


9) To attend a meeting, you MUST be invited.

They are generally held at Buckingham Palace and sometimes at Balmoral or Windsor Castle.

10) Usually only four Senior Cabinet Ministers attend as well as the Queen and the Lord President of the Council.

A quorum is three.

On occasion the Prime Minister will attend if important matters are discussed.


11) As the process is meant to be business-like, all participants will stand for the duration. This requirement is waved if lengthy deliberations are required.

12) All elite politicians are invited to be members from both sides of politics.

Elite Judges, Archbishops, Spooks and Royals are also invited.

It is the eternal ruling elites who make up the bulk of Councillors.

It is a lifetime appointment.


13) The Queen in theory does not have any formal power although this is unwritten.

She does have residual powers such as the right to declare war.

The Queen is supposed to just authorize into Law the advice of the Prime Minister via the presenting Cabinet Ministers.


14) However, and here is the key – the process occurs by ‘Privy Council Terms’.

To simplify.

The PM can tell the Queen whatever she/he wants, and the Queen can choose to authorize it or not.

They can discuss any agenda and it will NOT be made public.


15) Similarly, the Laws can also be enacted in a completely clandestine manner.

So essentially the Privy Council can enact ANYTHING into Law.

This is done without anyone knowing except the people in the room.

No accountability to Parliament and the Citizens AT ALL!


16) The power of The Privy Council is omnipotent.

History has been shaped by its decisions.

The Oath is “You will keep secret all matters committed unto you.”

Even the Press can be issued with D-Notices to silence them.


17) It is well known that Iain Duncan Smith enabled the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Dossier’ and War on Iraq via the Privy Council.

However most important decisions never come to light.


18) There are of course very influential leaders of the Privy Council who hold most sway over the Queen and the Prime Minister.

They are the Privy Council Deep State elite.

A Queen’s Court if you will.


19) Important members are:

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

Sir Geoffrey Pattie

Sir Nicholas Clegg


20) So how does this relate to the Queen and ?

The question is of course – did the Privy Council engage in espionage against the USA?


21) Let me digress for a second.

Now we all know that Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Rice etc were unmasking enemies using full spectrum HAMR (Operation Hammer) via queries in the NSA database.

They would create profiles for pay-to-play and blackmail.


22) However, this wasn’t working in getting dirt on Trump, so they needed alternate plans.

Enter spy insertions and tracking of white hats on the Trump campaign.

Similarly, there was also a plan devised to bug/tap Trump Tower.


23) Now the interesting thing is that as yet we don’t know who ordered or precipitated on Trump.

Was it the Deep State Pommies or the black hat Yanks?

Don’t know.

That will come out in the wash.


24) What we do know is both sides were determined to spy on Trump so the matter is moot.

They were both willing participants as was Australia for the “UK/AUS assist”.

We don’t know exactly when the decision was made to start.

However late 2015 or early 2016 seems likely.


25) James Clapper came to Australia on a US Military C-17 Globemaster for a secret meeting in March 2016.

He saw our Attorney General, George Brandis and Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

He also stopped off in NZ to see John Key, PM.


26) Two weeks earlier, James Comey also visited and met all the same people.

These meetings all occurred before the official start of Crossfire Hurricane on 31st July 2016.


27) A woman by the name of Arvinder Sambei is key to the initiation of Spygate.

She was the personal Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Queen.

Sambei had almost no experience when recruited for this role which was essentially to be the gofer for the Privy Council.


28) However, Sambei was working with Mueller and the FBI when 9/11 occurred.

She was clearly an MI6/FBI asset.


29) Sambei set up the job for Papadopoulos at the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP).

She also arranged the introduction to Stefan Halper.


30) However most intriguingly Sambei was the handler for the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions – Queen’s Lawyer) Alison Saunders.


31) Alison Saunders was disgraced during her time as DPP because she botched several paedophile cases.

This did not stop Sambei from sending Saunders to the US to meet Nellie and Bruce Ohr!


32) So, four days before the famous Trump Tower meeting Saunders and Robert Hannigan from GCHQ attended a dinner with the Ohr’s in Virginia.

It is very likely money was exchanged for the Ohr’s services rendered.


33) The Trump Tower 9th June 2016 meeting was of course a set-up to entrap Donald Trump Jr. Russians ostensibly met Trump Jr at TT for opposition research.

However, to his surprise, the meeting focused on lobbying to remove the Magnitsky Act.


34) Thus, the Trump Tower meeting was a pro-Russian move designed for the MSM to shout Russia Russia Russia.


35) We also know that Hannigan met with Brennan just before the TT meeting.

We know TT was bugged but do not know when or how it occurred.

It would seem plausible that TT was bugged by the Deep State spooks acting as pro-Russian supporters during that entrapment meeting.


36) Hannigan then monitored TT from Fort Meade in Maryland where Brennan was also unmasking enemies with HAMR. Intel went direct to the Situation Room and Daily Presidential Briefings.


37) They were attempting to give the spying a legality consistent with FVEY operations by circumventing US laws.


38) Q has clued us up on this by saying this was part of the “backchannel” in Post 2129.

Note – GCHQ did not deny spying on Trump.

They said it was “utterly ridiculous”.


39) We all know Admiral Rogers went to Trump Tower nine days after the election.

Rogers waited until a SCIF had been built and then informed him of the bugging.

Trump moved out the same day.

Admiral Rogers was targeted for removal by Brennan and Clapper two days later.


40) Now the key to this whole fiasco is that late last year Trump threatened to Declas all the FISA documents including warrants.

Note – he hasn’t done this yet.

What happened?

The UK and AUS rang Trump 19 times begging for the DECLAS to be stopped!


41) No doubt the UK and AUS knew everything about the confidential FISA warrants.

However, they should NOT have known anything!

The reason for this is that the intel went through unofficial channels and not the normal FVEY protocols.


42) Hannigan should have gone straight to his equivalent/mirror in the US – Admiral Rogers.

Instead he went to Brennan.

Similarly, the cable re: Papadopoulos/Downer meeting, from London to Canberra, should have gone through the State Department.


43) It did eventually go to the State Department via Joe Hockey but before that it went to the FBI ‘backchannel!’


44) Turnbull and May were begging either directly or via their spook proxies to have the Declas canned.

No doubt this was recorded!!!

Trump did stop the Declas, but only because he had a long-game timeline to wait for other evidence to move its way through the legal system.


45) Thus, the highest levels of UK/AUS were in effect admitting they knew about their failed spying efforts.


46) If GCHQ was essentially admitting the spying – then May must have known.

Hence, almost certainly, the Queen must have also known via the Privy Council.

This was a big deal.


47) Interestingly for Aussie’s, Q informed us of the vast sums we donated to the Clinton Foundation (Post 479).

Q also told us Malcolm Turnbull, our PM, was attempting to entrap Trump just a day after his election with the heated phone call.


48) Turnbull intended to try to make Trump look bad by cajoling him to accept Manus Island refugees.

This was against Trump’s election promises.

Turnbull was expected to leak the call and embarrass Trump.


49) POTUS sent Turnbull a signal, that he wouldn’t be set-up, by rejecting the so-called favour out of hand (Post 908).

Turnbull made the attempt because he knew Australia was trapped and guilty.

He wanted Trump humiliated and out.


50) Similarly, Turnbull was trapped because of the donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Q Post 484 – “what did AUS/UK obtain in exchange for all that money?”

I reckon it was illegal unmasking’s not performed under official FVEY agreements.


51) This allowed blackmail of AUS/UK political opponents and pay-to-play opportunities.

Also, there were financial kickbacks through the Clinton Foundation as well.


52) Q Post 479 – “Who controls AUS? Who really controls AUS?”

It’s the Privy Council.

That is where Q is pointing.

We gleefully assisted the UK in attempting the coup d’état.


53) However, our elite politicians have also prostituted themselves to the Clinton Foundation.

They are bought and paid for lackeys of Hillary.

No question this means that they will protect Hillary at all costs to protect their own actions.


54) Obama visited Australia in March 2018 for an invite only meeting at The Art Gallery of NSW.

No one knows who attended.

Similarly, Hillary visited NZ on 6-7th May 2018. Seems they were desperate to shut up some spooks and Pollies here about .


55) No question Australia is complicit with the UK in these crimes.

Our Government has betrayed us.

We followed the UK’s lead.


56) So why hasn’t Trump exposed the UK yet?


Pure and simple.


57) Q Post 2938 – “How do you repair a bridge without closing it down?”

Just imagine wiping out the Queen and the whole Westminster system of Government?

There are many who love the Queen.

Many died ‘fighting’ for her.


58) The whole UK culture and history would be destroyed if the Queen were implicated.

Opprobrium would be directed at Trump from across the pond (see the bridge analogy).

Much better to get May removed and Brexit sorted to gut the EU.


59) Trump owns the UK. He wants to get rid of the Deep State.

I reckon the Privy Council will eventually go but the Queen will stay.

She will not be prosecuted.

Plausible deniability.

At least for .


60) There will be no evidence provided that the Queen was informed even though she almost certainly was.

Theresa May will take the blame as well as Robert Hannigan etc.

The Queen and May both have diplomatic immunity.


61) Do you remember Trump walking in front of the Queen?

He won’t forget.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor








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