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14 Dec Post – 14th December 2019

Post – 14th December 2019


I shall put this thread on twitter.

No Journalist/Independent blogger in the World has posed these questions, let alone in Australia.



A formulation as to why and how Spygate went down.

I would appreciate some Patriot peer review.

It gets very very interesting.

All Aussies must at least read my 8 questions at the end!


2) My interpretation is that a large component of Spygate involves the Deep State being exposed for an attempted cover-up of their long-term spying crimes.


3) They have manufactured false evidence for two purposes:

a) To project a false ‘Russia Collusion’ onto POTUS

b) To hide long-standing Deep State spying


4) The Deep State has been using HAMR (Operation Hammer), FULSOME and FVEY spying to unmask political opponents and engage in pay-to-play.

They used full spectrum collation of digital data to create personal profiles.


5) Blackmail or threatened blackmail as well as insider financial intel were their core business.

The use of foreign logistics circumvented or obfuscated the domestic legal issues.


6) Most likely Brennan and Obama were the ultimate government perpetrators of these crimes at the insistence of their handlers.

My feeling is that the Deep State were intuitive enough to know the US Military posed a threat – although it was certainly underestimated.


7) To be sure, the Deep State spied upon all and sundry who were considered a threat.

Indeed, it is possible they spied on all prominent political, government and judicial figures.


8) Hence, all Presidential candidates were spied upon that were not the preferred Deep State candidate (Hillary).

POTUS, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson were therefore all likely surveilled prior to FISA.


9) The Deep State needed a contingency plan in case they were ever caught spying if she lost.

This plan ideally would not only provide an excuse for the spying but also take valuable time to be undone.

The bonus of said plan would be to clandestinely harness information even if it were not discovered after they lost.


10) The plan, of course, was dependent upon there being no leaks or mistakes from conspirators.

It also required that no Patriots could hack the comms of the organisers.

Ideally a backup plan would be in place from the get-go.


11) The Plan was “Crossfire Hurricane”.

No doubt it was named after the Rolling Stones song – Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

“But it’s alright now.

In fact, it’s a gas….

It’s a gas, gas, gas”

Gaslighting meaning – to manipulate someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.


12) Important to remember at this point is that the Horowitz Report had limited scope and

could only look at happenings up to two months prior to the so-called initiation of Crossfire

Hurricane on 31st July 2016.

This is critical when considering whether there was a legitimate predicate for opening the operation.

Thus nothing was looked at prior to June 2016.


13) I will now attempt to chronologically order the significant meetings surrounding Crossfire Hurricane.

The first meeting I am aware of occurred between Papadopoulos and the Maltese Professor, Mifsud in Italy on 14th April 2016.

This was just a week or so after Papadopoulos had joined the Trump campaign.


14) There were two further meetings between Mifsud and Papadopoulos.

Mifsud brought a Russian to each of these meetings.

He brought Olga Polonskaya to the first on 18th April and Ivan Timofeev to the second on 24th April 2016.


15) Mifsud was MI6/CIA and also had deep roots with Italian Intelligence (Link campus).

Mifsud attempted to insert false intel to Papadopoulos regarding a Russian ‘hack’ of the DNC.

He also suggested Putin had ‘dirt’ on Hillary.

The ‘hack’ was of course actually a USB download from Seth Rich.


16) Incidentally (seperate to this thread) McGovern and Binney have just this week been subpoenaed to a Grand Jury

in DC to comment on the 100% mathematical proof (download speeds) of this not being an external hack.

This will completely blow the Russian Collusion Hoax up.


17) On 3rd May 2016, Papadopoulos had a 1:1 meeting with Erika Thompson, the Australian ASIO asset.

Thompson was likely wired for this honeytrap meeting.


18) Now here is where it gets very very interesting.

Mueller stated in his Report that Crossfire Hurricane began on 6th May 2016 with a “foreign representative”.

This was not a typo.


19) Similarly DFAT in Australia has mysteriously documented a meeting by FOIA request as occurring on 6th May 2016 in London.

DFAT refuses to provide any further information.


20) My speculation is that at a minimum Downer and Thompson were at this meeting.

However this would not actually be a real meeting if only these two were present.


21) Stunningly Bill Priestep went to London between 4-9th May 2016.

This was gleaned by Jim Jordan under intense cross examination in the House.

Bill signed off on Crossfire Hurricane.


22) Even more stunning was that Papadopoulos said that Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker from the DIA were at a meeting in London on the 6th May 2019!

Get where this is going!


23) I reckon there was a top secret meeting at the US Embassy in London on 6th May 2016 which was integral to Crossfire Hurricane!

Who was there, in this “AUS assist/set up” (Q post 1164)?


24) Certainly:

Alexander Downer

Erika Thompson

Bill Priestep

Terrence Dudley

Greg Baker


25) Likely:

Sir Richard Dearlove

Jonathon Clarke

Sir Alex Younger

Robert Hannigan

Sir Ian Lobban

Sir Andrew Wood


26) Possibly:

Stefan Halper

Joseph Mifsud

Christopher Steele

Christian Cantor


27) Note the Dearlove, Clarke, Lobban, Downer connection via Hakluyt.

Of importance, Papadopoulos was contacted by Erika Thompson on the evening of 6th May 2016 via email.

She requested that she see him again on the 10th May 2016 with Downer at the Kensington Wine Bar.


28) Judge Napolitano on 9th May 2016 told Megan Kelly on FOX that the Kremlin has 20,000 Hillary emails.


29) Downer and Thompson attempted to extract the Russian “dirt” inserted by Mifsud at the Wine Bar on 10th May 2016.

Likely recording was made by Downer/Thompson.

Apparently Papadopoulos said that Mifsud informed him that “Russia wants to help”.


30) The Australian Embassy in London almost certainly sent a cable to the State Department/FBI on 11th May 2016 outlining the Downer meeting with Papadopoulos.

We know this because the Strzok and Page texts outline that something important had arrived in DC and they needed to go in and discuss immediately.


31) Was this cable the Strzok and Page “Insurance Policy”?

McCabe rushed in to Chair the meeting.


32) Stefan Halper, CIA/MI6, met Papadopoulos in London on 11th July 2016 at The Travellers Club, a known Diplomat hangout in London.

He asked “George, you know about the hacking of emails from Russia. Right?”

Was he wired?


33) 22nd July 2016 – Wikileaks dumps the Hillary emails.


34) 26th July 2016 – Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the US, gives the Downer cable to the State Department, ostensibly because of the Wikileaks dump.

The cable went from London to Canberra on 11th May 2016 as per FOI.

Australia says we sat on it for 5 weeks….really?


35) Crossfire Hurricane officially began.


32) Joe Pientka, FBI, was in London from 1-3rd August 2016.

Stzrok met unknowns at the Australian Embassy in London on 3rd August 2016.


36) 15th August 2016 – Strzok and Page discuss the “insurance policy”.

By this time the laundered Steele Dossier had “collapsed” according to Barr as it was obviously a fake.


37) Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort and Flynn were being spied upon but no dirt was available.

This was all illegal.

Thus the second gambit was required.


37) The “insurance policy” was the Downer BS.

They flagged the Russia content from Downer and then pinned it on Carter Page because he had worked to spy ON Russians in the past.

This was twisted 180 degrees. He was CIA.


38) This was used against Carter Page to get the FISA and begin spying.


39) “Two hops” person to person were available in the FISA as well as profile backtracking on everyone to birth.

Thus Trump and all his associates were comprehensively spied upon.

This is not publically known.


40) On 15th September 2016 Azra Turk, a honeypot, met Papadopoulos at the Sofitel Hotel in London.

This was arranged by Halper after an earlier meeting amongst the three of them.

Azra was likely an intelligence asset with a fake identity.


41) In conclusion, Horowitz, a white hat, did not have the scope to identify most of these interactions.

Durham does.

He will have input from a range of sources.

Military intelligence and NSA intel from Admiral Rogers will provide much of the ammo.


42) I think Durham will bring the pain in June as Barr postulates.

However the gradual unsealing of indictments, Declas and Huber will provide continual fuel for the Senate Impeachment Trial.

Much exposure will occur here which the MSM can’t ignore.


43) By the time Durham hits, the whole world will be begging for arrests.

We will have a peaceful transition to Justice.



We need to know the following:

a) Was Erika Thompson an ASIO asset?

b) Was she a wired honeypot on 10th May 2016?

c) Was there a meeting on 6th May 2016 in London at the US Embassy attended by Downer/Thompson to set up Crossfire Hurricane with British and American Intelligence?

d) Did Strzok/Pientka attend the Australian Embassy in London on 1-3rd August 2016? Who did they meet?

e) When was the Downer cable really sent to the State Department/FBI? Was it before Crossfire Hurricane officially began? Who decided to send it?

f) Did Turnbull, Pyne, Bishop, Hockey and ASIO know about Crossfire Hurricane and FVEY/FULSOME spying on Trump?

g) Why has DFAT, ASIO and the Australian Government not come clean about their involvement?

h) Why has the Australian MSM covered up Spygate?



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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