Post – 8th December 2019 – D

08 Dec Post – 8th December 2019 – D

Post – 8th December 2019 – D



Just a note to remind all that I said Deep State Mossad and MI6/CIA were blackmailing elites by Paedophile/Satanic compromise.

I also said there are satellites doing the same thing all round the world.

Yep, I said this way before the Epstein hit and subsequent forced MSM coverage.

First Journalist in the world to come out with it.

Rather important to know who the handlers are I would have thought.

That’s why I blogged.

Historically massive.

About to become prime time where even the MSM will need to admit the truth.

Oh….and I have been outing Epstein for almost two years now with photos and all.

Vindication much.


BTW – the MSM will soon need to acknowledge the paedophilia in a big bad way. They will try to keep this as a limited hangout to obfuscate the Satanic Ritual components. Eventually this will fail too. Truth wins.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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