Post – 8th December 2019 – C

08 Dec Post – 8th December 2019 – C

Post – 8th December 2019 – C



💥Tony Abbott attended the home of Tony Podesta in 2016.💥

Podesta is a well known Satanic Paedophile who has the most famous Satanic/Paedophile Art collection in the world located ….. at his HOME. 🤮

If I saw this I would go ballistic and inform everyone on the planet.

Why hasn’t Abbott publicly denounced his mate! 🤬

Tony has some explaining to do.


Julia Gillard (former Labor 🇦🇺 PM) seems to know Tony Podesta (Satanist/Paedophile).👇

Tony Abbott (former Liberal 🇦🇺 PM) also knows Tony Podesta.

Oddly Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard are great mates.

Nothing to see here.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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