Post – 5th December 2019 – A

05 Dec Post – 5th December 2019 – A

Post – 5th December 2019 – A


Thread I wrote today on twitter:



If we want to take down the Australian Swamp then we need to understand the AIIA.

2) This thread will provide a blueprint to strike against the heart of the Deep State Trojan Horse in our country – namely the AIIA.

3) The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) was formed in 1924 as a branch of Chatham House in London (Royal Institute of International Affairs – RIIA).

The AIIA was established as a Federal Body with Government funding in 1933.

4) There are sub-branches of AIIA in each State Capital with the administrative office in Canberra.

The original and oldest office is in Sydney.

The Sydney and Melbourne offices are pre-eminent.

5) The purpose of the AIIA is to enforce globalisation and the NWO upon the Australian people.

Throughout it’s almost 100 year history, the AIIA has been the mechanism whereby controlling foreign global elites have implemented internationalism under the cloak of socialism.

6) It is a so called “Think Tank” with an operating manual of perpetuating lies and deceit.


7) My previous thread explained how global financiers set up the Rhodes Scholarship/Outer Round Table and infused the world with globalist traitors who established Think Tanks and Foundations.

This is essentially the way AIIA was formed.

8) The AIIA is considered to be in the elite 50 Think Tanks worldwide.

It is the only Australian Think Tank in this group.


9) Inner Round Table Financiers and bloodlines created a global network of Think Tanks which were the day to day apparatus used to carry out agendas masterminded from the top.

So in a sense these institutes were projections of the elite globalist power structure.


10) Bloodlines would also be involved in these institutes to monitor progress and provide feedback for necessary real time adjustments in policy.


11) These institutes have always been evolving organisms due to constant geopolitical changes but have consistently maintained their overall strategies – that is, the enslavement of all peoples by an elite ruling class under the auspices of socialism.


12) The most prestigious and influential Think Tanks are Chatham House in London and The Brookings Institute in Washington DC.

From these Institutions the agenda’s are distributed to peripheral Think Tanks such as AIIA.

13) The AIIA functions as a network of elite traitors subjugating our sovereignty.

These Delegates or Fellows have intra and inter country contacts.


14) For instance a speaker from Chatham House may come to Sydney and deliver a lecture which was derived from an agenda they were given at Bilderbergers.

An attendee may then disseminate the information to AIIA Adelaide.


15) Similarly someone from AIIA will go and give feedback overseas as to how successful or difficult some NWO strategies were to implement in our context.

Hence formulations and plans can be altered and better targeted to achieve goals.


16) It could be considered that Think Tanks efficiently optimise the best ways to bring about globalisation through discussion and dialogue amongst traitors.


17) Think Tanks generally have two types of meetings:

The first type is ostensibly open and transparent.

In the case of AIIA they will have weekly lectures by guest speakers for paid members.

These are limited hangouts.


18) The second type of meeting is invite only and Chatham House Rules apply.

You can check these out; but basically it means they talk about evil stuff which is not allowed to leave the building unless authorised.


19) This is where the REAL business occurs.

Nefarious plans are disseminated and reviewed.

Pay-to-play schemes are forged and political careers are coroneted.

Indeed compliance with Deep State dictates is the most important determinant for a successful politician.


20) Most importantly propaganda is organised and enacted via MSM elites.

The ABC is fully integrated/embedded with AIIA.

This is vital.

The elite traitors in the ABC attend these secret meetings and get their agenda orders for distribution to the masses.


21) However the AIIA is an amalgam of elites from all strategic spheres:


– Judges

– Industry Titans

– sell-out Doctors

– Intelligence

– Academics and Faculty leaders of politically progressive universities; whose role is to indoctrinate further generations of traitors


22) Another arm of the AIIA is to recommend “sanctioned experts” and “appropriate social commentators”.

Similarly vilification is planned for “non-sanctioned experts”.

The ABC is very strict in enforcing these requirements.


23) The AIIA has a “subvention” from the Government.

This was enacted in 1933.

Yes, taxpayers subsidise the AIIA but are excluded from the main action.


24) Similarly taxpayers fully fund the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU.

This political studies department is so enmeshed with globalism that it is essentially a Deep State training depot and AIIA satellite.


25) Here are the other Think Tanks in Australia in ascending order of importance:

The Lowy Institute – ranked number 2 after AIIA

The Australia Institute – Canberra based

The Sydney Institute – Gerard Henderson is the Director – Neocon +++


26) To be sure, the MOST important message I would like to impart is that we MUST document the elites in all these organisations.

These people are the very heart of our Deep State here and we MUST expose them.

Let me repeat that, we MUST note and hold these people to account.


27) Please goto the AIIA webpage:


28) Here we can see the Fellows of the AIIA.

Without an exception these people are the most despicable globalist subverters of Australia.

This is our elite Deep State – you may know Evans, Bishop and Downer but ALL of these people are of the same ilk.


29) Similarly goto the twitter account

Now click on following.

Here you will see the Deep State assets connected to the AIIA.

Screenshot all 498 accounts.


30) Yes, some accounts are just visiting delegations and/or Institutions etc, but the other names are important, particularly the lower you go toward the first added.

You can see the networking they have to foreign Deep Staters and locals alike.

Note the famous ABC connections.


31) Interestingly, they eventually decided to add President Trump.

Sadly they had enough insight to see how completely biased they were toward globalists and decided to make amends by adding one exception.


32) Here is what we need to do to take back our freedom Patriots:

a) Study/understand/dig on our four big Think Tanks – AIIA, Lowy Institute, The Australia Institute and The Sydney Institute

b) Document our Deep State elites who attend these treasonous institutes



c) Spread/disseminate by Meme or content – our objections to the secrecy

d) Expose their globalist agenda

e) Demand transparency or have them defunded/closed



f) Demand an investigation of the ABC re: political bias of AIIA

g) Stage protests/be heard


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor










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