Post – 4th December 2019 – B

04 Dec Post – 4th December 2019 – B

Post – 4th December 2019 – B


I know, I know, I’ve often said I’m sick of Q Proofs but let’s do a quick rundown:


A) Q Post 3641 from yesterday pointed at this post from Q two years ago.

Obviously Q is showing us the Military precision of the whole Show by identifying that Q knew Justice would be served on 9th December 2019 with the IG Horowitz Report.

This date of the release of this Report has only been known for a week when Senator Lindsay Graham told Hannity on FOX.

However Q knew two years ago with the 2 year delta from Post 309.



B) Note the following tweet video from FLOTUS –

GOTO the 28 second mark and freeze-frame.

Note the domino that adds up to 17 – have you ever seen a domino go that high?

(Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet)

Look at the scrabble pieces – they add up to 7.

Look at the dice – the number 6 is facing us.

Note the duck card facing us with an umbrella. 17….7…..6…..storm!

In case you didn’t know 1776 is the date of the American Revolution.

We are about to get the second Revolution.


C) The US Army just tweeted out the following tweet –

Obviously this is a clear Q quote with the US Army mentioning the CBTS.

The Army is fully on board with Q.

However some truly meticulous autists managed to find a white Q on the backpack of the chap on the far right.

You need to blow it up big time and have great resolution but it’s there.

Nice one Army!


D) The final recent Q Proof is the most significant.

It involves a sequence of Q Post, Trump tweet and then Q Post –

As you can see the POTUS tweet is a zero (less than one minute) delta.

The next Q Post is exactly 3 minutes after the first one.

This is pointed to by POTUS in his tweet referring to 3 years.

However the greatest proof is the probabilities if the content mentioned in the meme.

The odds of having matching subsets is astronomical.

This is clearly code breaking/making at Military level.

Multiple all these proofs together and it is billions or more to one.

Everyone knows Q is real – especially the MSM.

Soon everyone will know the wrath of real Justice.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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