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04 Dec Post – 4th December 2019 – A

Post – 4th December 2019 – A




Are they really the “best and brightest”


just stone cold TRAITORS?


(includes a few Australian Case Studies)



2) Cecil Rhodes established the Rhodes Scholarship in 1902 as an educational grant under the administration of the Rhodes Trust.

Each sponsored student would undergo a two year postgraduate degree at Oxford.

Presently there are roughly 80 students/year worldwide whom are accepted under the Rhodes Program (nine from Australia).

3) The cost/student currently is approxiamtely 40,00 pounds/year or $AUD151,000 (USD$101,000) per student for the degree.

These “Rhodies” are therefore bought and paid for by the Rhodes Trust.

The Trust says it is an “investment in individuals”.


4) In setting up the Trust, Cecil Rhodes espoused the philosophy of Plato who called for:

“a ruling class with a powerful army to keep it in power and a society completely subdued to the monolithic authority of it’s rulers”.


5) Cecil also agreed with the Fabians (whom controlled Oxford) that there should be established a “one world order by infiltrating government, political parties and educational institutions”.

This would be accomplished by a “doctrine of inevitability of gradualism”.

In other words it would be achieved so slowly that no one would be the wiser.

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6) Indeed the core role of the Rhodes Scholarship is to inculcate or indoctrinate the concept of “globalism and one world government”.

It uses the Jesuits and Freemasons as organisational models.


7) The Inner Circle or ‘Circle of Initiates’ included Lord Lionel Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, William Stead and Alfred Milner.

Their goal was to establish a NWO which would be controlled by international banking elites under the cloak of Socialism.


8) The Outer Circle or “Round Table” was known as the ‘Association of Helpers’.

These Rhodies would act as a secret society to establish lobbying groups to implement the plan via Round Table Groups.

Examples of these groups would be the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderbergers, Committee of 300 and the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA).

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9) The Rhodies would use subversion and deception to achieve their goals.

They would use stealth to nurture globalisation, censorship, athesism and totalitarianism.

In return they would garner fame, status, wealth and be amongst the world’s ruling elite.

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10) So what attributes and abilities are required to be a successful Rhodes Scholar at interview?

Smugness, brutality, flattery, a need for power and also a complete lack of awareness of others autonomy.

Egoists, craven sell-outs, collectivists and elitists are mandatory.

In other words – psychopathic/narcissistic traitors.

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11) Another highly sought after prerequisite is to have a checkered past (Masonic).

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12) Get the picture?

There is a selection process but it is not what the gullible and easily impressed public are led to believe.


13) Let’s take a look at three Australian Rhodes Scholar examples:

A) Robert Hawke (ex-PM)

Hawke was an alcoholic paedophile.

He constantly told his teachers and classmates in primary school that he was going to be Prime Minister.

So much so they told him to shut up.

Bob was an avowed open socialist.

Thus he could laugh his a$$ off as he sold his country out and implemented the Rhodes NWO plan.

Ditto Bill Clinton – although he preferred coke to grog.

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Image result for bob hawke beer

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B) Malcolm Turnbull (ex-PM)

Mal baby fitted the perfect Rhodes Scholar model. He was a corporate bankster and a champion of all socially correct ideology. Therefore the MSM loved him.

His voluntary assistance in the UK/CIA coup detat against President Trump was fully consistent with his Rhodie establishment roots.

I mean geez what else could he do?

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C) Tony Abbott (ex-PM)

Tony chose the controlled opposition Rhodes Scholar paradigm route.

There is nothing more dangerous than a true conservative Patriot and as such it is important for both sides of the spectrum to be under control.

Tony has NEVER called out the antecendents of the NWO.

He has never denounced the Rhodes Scholarship.

He has advanced globalism by stealth.

Tony Abbott is a BLACK hat.




They are Gold Standard Traitors.

They have sold their soul and the souls of everyone on the planet.


Can You Really ‘Sell Your Soul’?


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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