Post – 3rd December 2019

03 Dec Post – 3rd December 2019

Post – 3rd December 2019


I wrote this thread last week on Twitter – thought I’d put it up here:



Tony Abbott

(ex-Australian Prime Minister)

Is he a WHITE hat or BLACK hat?

2) Many conservative Australians worship at the Abbott altar.

However I don’t do the groupthink thing.

Let’s look at the evidence….


3) Tony was a Rhodes Scholar.

A Rhodes Scholar ranks as an approximate equivalent to a ‘Skull and Bones’ in the illuminate world.

Tony has always praised the Rhodes Program at Oxford.

Once he even demanded the Statue of Rhodes be respected.

Cecil Rhodes was a Deep State c@nt.

4) Tony was in training to be an elite Jesuit before quitting to study Law.

Top Jesuits are pure illuminati.

Tony is very best mates with George Pell.

George baby almost became Pope.


5) Tony fully supported George throughout his paedophile trials.

Tony even supported George AFTER he was found guilty.

Onya Tony

6) Tony helped put Pauline Hanson in gaol for forming a Political Party opposed to the Deep State.

All Major Parties and the MSM praised Tony for his efforts.

He was quite the hero.

7) Tony later apologised to Pauline after she was acquitted.

He did this in order to placate her supporters and win their second preferences for the Liberal Party.

Good one Toni


8) Tony was THE political protégé of John Howard.

John Howard oversaw the slaughter of millions in the Middle East.

Johnny was complicit in 9/11.

Johnny is a war criminal.

9) Tony Abbott has supported the following Deep State initiatives:

i) All bloodbath wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

ii) The sexed-up dossier for WMD.

iii) Rothschild’s Central Banking

iv) The de-industrialisation of Australia.

v) Chicom buyouts of Australian Assets.


10) Tony Abbott became PM but NEVER exposed the Deep State control of all facets of Australian society.

He continued the Australian taxpayer funding of the criminal Clinton Foundation unabated.

He oversaw the Foreign Aid slush funds and kickback schemes of DFAT.


11) Many liked Tony because he ‘stopped the boats’.

This was very simple to do.

It was HIS personal point of difference to win an election.


12) However the Deep State quid pro quo was that he FLOODED Australia with mass immigration through the airports.

This was not quite Sweden level stupid but it was close.


13) Tony promised to “shirtfront” Putin because Russia was the nemesis of the Deep State.

Tony did this to show public support for his Deep State masters.

Tony backed down in humiliation after Putin brought a nuclear battleship flotilla to Brisbane for the G20.

14) Tony Abbott has never supported QAnon.

I begged him, as a constituent, via his Manly Office, to acknowledge the veracity of QAnon to save my Medical Practice and career.

Tony did nothing.

I was labelled Paranoid/Psychotic for researching Q.


15) Thousands of vulnerable Patients in his electorate were severely adversely affected.

Obviously Tony Abbott is running a protection racket for his elite Liberal Party mates whom are implicated in Spygate.

I was necessary collateral damage.


16) Yes, this is personal.

However I will be objective and exclude this information from my overall decision at hand.


17) Similarly I will exclude the fact that I had to suddenly swerve whilst driving to miss an entitled Tony Abbott.

He was jaywalking across North Steyne outside the Surfclub.

18) No doubt Tony Abbott is positioning himself to seize the Australian Political vacuum created by the President Trump takedown of the Deep State.

He wants to be seen as some sort of Trump-like ‘conservative saviour’.


19) We as a Nation and as a People will have learnt NOTHING from if we allow this weaponised Deep State Traitor back into the political sphere.

Tony Abbott is Deep State controlled opposition.

He is an Australian RINO.



Tony Abbott is a BLACK hat.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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