Post – 27th November 2019 – B

27 Nov Post – 27th November 2019 – B

Post – 27th November 2019 – B


Back in April 2018 I very clearly blogged regarding the Deep State False Flags being committed in Syria in an attempt to goad President Trump into war.

Yesterday FOX News reported that a whistleblower has evidence/documentation that the Chlorine levels were doctored and hidden in order to create the OPCW pretext for war in Syria.

I made it very clear that none of the so-called Basher Assad chemical weapon attacks were carried out by him, if indeed they were carried out at all.

From a battlefield point of view it was ridiculous.

Assad had complete control of the outcome in the Syrian War. He was very near total victory.

The Russians were providing overwhelming support and were close to eliminating ISIS once and for all.

Why would Assad commit an idiotic crime just so NATO could invade?

A few canisters of Chlorine would provide zero Military gains and could even hinder territorial advances.

Very clearly the White Helmet Deep State concocted the charade to auger war; with boots on the ground.

Do not mistake white hats for white helmets in Syria – they are complete opposites.

The White Helmets were a supposed humanitarian group which was just an inside faction of ISIS being paid for by the Deep State. They were embedded with ISIS/Al Qaeda/Nusra Front. They have carried out multiple FF chemical weapon attacks.

Anyways it turns out that the Chlorine concentrations did not change at all in the area which was apparently hit by the chemical weapons. The OPCW will feel the pain.

Everyone knew it was total BS.

The MSM worldwide demanded War. They knew they were goading Trump to take the bait.

He didn’t. He knew it was a Psyop and avoided a catastrophe.

Millions would have been slaughtered including Americans and Australians. Suffering on a grand scale with millions of refugees.

Perpetual war wold have been enabled.

Killing Assad would have set up an unstable Syrian State with factions fighting for supremacy.

This was exactly what the Deep State wanted, along with new pipeline routes.

Obviously the Satanic ABC here; was fully locked onto the need for a Syrian invasion.

The ABC demanded War. They derided Trump as weak.

Was this a surprise? Of course not.

Cheerleading for mass slaughter is what the ABC has always done.

They have an impeccable Deep State propaganda War Record and cover up of crimes against humanity.


Anyways, I feel fully vindicated that I saw through it and had the courage to name it. The only blogger/Journalist in Australia.

Not that it was difficult. Patterns always repeat.

Anyways The Medical Council of NSW and their associates call me “paranoid” and a “political extremist”.

Deep State is as Deep State does.


Thank God for President Trump!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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