Post – 27th November 2019 – A

27 Nov Post – 27th November 2019 – A

Post – 27th November 2019 – A


Here is a twitter thread I made a few days ago:


1) Q Post 3635 refers to the movie “Official Secrets” which is currently viewing in 🇦🇺 and WW.

I haven’t bothered to see a movie for a decade or so because they are all propaganda and lies.

However Q is highlighting the warmongering GCHQ/Robert Hannigan.


2) Robert Hannigan was head of GCHQ and according to Q is “Soon To Be a Household Name” for his involvement in the coup d’état.


3) Katherine Gun, the movie heroine, worked at GCHQ and was a whistleblower against the Iraq War.

The inference by Q is that GCHQ has a history of Deep State crimes.

No doubt.


4) However the greatest whistleblowers who tried to expose the corrupt initiation of the Iraq War are unheralded.

Scott Ritter and Dr David Kelly were far more important.


5) I remember avidly reading everything Ritter would say and hoping the clear collusion to fix the narrative would be exposed.

He was a weapons expert and knew there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.


6) Sadly Ritter, despite doing his best, could not stop the war.

He suffered greatly for his whistleblowing and ethics.

However Dr David Kelly paid the ultimate price.

He was 187’ed by MI5.

His scientific evidence had to be silenced.


7) The REAL villain of this charade (apart from Blair) was Richard Butler.

Butler baby was the head Weapons Inspector in Iraq.

He knew there were no WMD yet he pushed the MSM with lie after lie after lie.

He was put in place to make the Iraq War happen.


8) Just in case you didn’t know, Butler is Australian.

Welcome to The Australian Treason Trial’s Dick.

You’ll get a front row seat.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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