Post – 22nd November 2019 – A

22 Nov Post – 22nd November 2019 – A

Post – 22nd November 2019 – A


Fro almost two years I have blogged continually about the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

Thank goodness this criminal entity will soon be exposed for what it really is – a global money laundering scheme for pay-to-play.

Q recently noted how donations to the CF completely dried up post Killary’s election loss when her power couldn’t be used for nefarious gains anymore.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Horowitz, Huber and Durham will reveal much of the recent corruption of the Deep State.

When the Impeachment charade goes to the Senate then Trump will be able to call anyone as a witness to defend himself. The GOP will have total control to introduce all corruption as evidence. It will be an ongoing criminal trial AGAINST the Deep State.

Let me be very clear again. I know I have stated this on multiple occasions before but all of the Deep State in Australia were fully aware of all these crimes.

Both sides of Parliament are fully complicit in the financial crimes of the CF, child sex rings/trafficking and the use of DFAT aid to garner kickbacks for themselves. Our FISA abuse/role in Spygate crimes were also fully understood from the get-go.

The reason they needed to shut up QAnon researchers like me is that they knew they were being exposed by Trump and the US Military.

Our MSM, AFP and the Judiciary are also completely complicit.

Forensic accounting examination of ALL past Government foreign and domestic slush funds will need to take place.

It will be up to all Patriots to force these changes because the criminals in charge of all levers of power will prevent it.

The Australian Treason Trial’s are not too far away now.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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