Post – 19th November 2019

19 Nov Post – 19th November 2019

Post – 19th November 2019

Message to ABC whistleblowers – please see my post from 10th November 2019.


Finally after more than a year of waiting the finalisation of the DOJ IG Horowitz Report has 100% occurred!

We had confirmation today that Horowitz will answer questions about his FISA Report investigation on 11th November 2019 in the Senate.

This of course means that the Report will be made public beforehand for perusal.

All QAnon followers know that the FISA investigation was purported by Q to come out on D5 or December 5th. This forecast was made 18 months ago.

Let’s see if D5, December 5th really refers to 2019.

Make no mistake this Report will be earthshaking.

It will be historic and will eventually lead to arrests as we have always known.

At last we finally have a date locked in.

No doubt the Democrats will launch their impeachment vote prior to release.

The best case scenario would be for the House to vote for impeachment and make it move to the Senate.

As described previously, this will allow POTUS to introduce all Deep State crimes as evidence to defend himself.

We really are just watching the biggest Show in history.

Everything has been organised with Military precision.

The finale has already been written.

The magnitude and breadth of crimes exposed will shock humanity.

Potentially Durham has been investigating for much longer than we even thought. Sessions may have appointed him on the day Q first posted – 28/10/17!

It may take a little longer for Durham to deliver. However when he does, Justice will be served.

So many have now flipped after having been given their ‘crime file’.

The Deep State has lost long ago.

It is extraordinary that the MSM haven’t cut their losses.

So many Patriots WW have fought the good fight.

It’s time.


Prince Andrew

What a Wally.

As you may recall in my last post I said that the BBC would never perform investigation journalism to get to the truth about Andy.

What is surprising is just how far they were prepared to go to help him.

Obviously he contacted the BBC and asked them to set up his prepared Dorothy Dixers so he could vomit his prepared answers.

In other words the BBC were there as a conduit to make him look as good as possible.

The whole thing backfired because he is so out of touch with commoners thinking that he believed they would buy his “honourable” rot.

He’s a paedophile. I’ve blogged and tweeted this for almost two years. Now he’s effectively outed himself.

In effect he was so intimidated and scared by Patriot bloggers on Social Media that he was forced into making mistakes.

The pressure got to him and he displayed very poor judgement.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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