Post – 15th November 2019 – B

15 Nov Post – 15th November 2019 – B

Post – 15th November 2019 – B

Message to ABC whistleblowers – please see my post from 10th November 2019.



The MSM is completely ignoring Killary’s scuppering of the effort by Oleg Deripaska to extradite Robert Levinson from Iran.

Levinson went to Kish Island to investigate the Deep State pay-to-play exchange of Drugs/Cash for Secrets/Centrifuges/Uranium.

Billions in US Treasury notes were sent in wooden boxes by Obama to an airfield in Iran which was then redirected to European and American Politicians and Deep state elites. This was ostensibly to keep the ‘Iran Deal’ afloat.

Obama then projected these crimes onto Trump by trying to insert Deripaska into the Russia Hoax.

Seems as though there are reports that Levinson is alive and Trump wants him back in the States to spill z beans.

This will be huge and it is completely unreported.

[Obama] [Mueller]


Channel 9 – Virginia Giuffre on 60 Minutes

What a pathetic effort to get ahead of the story and save face on paedophilia.

I sent channel 9 information about child sex trafficking and paedophilia 18 months ago.

They have known about Epstein for years and did nothing.

This ‘story’ showed us little we didn’t already know.

No mention of who the handler of Epstein may have been and the real reasons why this is so important.

No mention of Katherine Keating even though they showed grainy photos of her.

It is a cover up of their cover up.

Nice try. Fail.

Notice how the BBC and all the MSM in the UK silenced the fact that Giuffre said the FBI confirmed the authenticity of her photo with Andrew – in other words that it wasn’t a photoshop as Andy claims. Kinda important.



I won’t bother with this too much. It is so idiotic that it isn’t worth dissecting.

Just hoping it gets voted to the Senate.

Then the fun really starts.


Q Post 3595

Q says today that the Australian Government is co-operating with Barr/Durham. Let’s see.


Look there’s just too much criminal evidence coming out every day that it is so hard to keep up.

Most of my stuff goes to Twitter as it’s just easier.

It is astonishing that the MSM is still desperately trying to hide everything.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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