Post – 15th November 2019 – A

15 Nov Post – 15th November 2019 – A

Post – 15th November 2019 – A

Message to ABC employee whistleblowers – please see 10th November 2019 post.


8Kun went live 93 days after going dark.

Q told us this in Post 3525 – we should have noticed it!

Q actually made it with only 6 minutes to spare.

Solid Q proof right there.

Anyways, the site has been very difficult to access ever since. There have been a few iterations with .com/.net/.us/.ws etc before Q settled on giving an onion web address to be used in conjunction with the Tor browser.

Like many, I was desperately trying to use multiple VPN’s, to get access to the qresearch board with only minimal success.

As Q began to post 12 days ago it gradually became clear to me that the board was meant to be read-only.

I have tried to post and despite negotiating many Captcha’s the site did not publish my messages.

Obviously the US Military want the qresearch board to be beyond reproach at this point and resistant to MSM political attacks.

Hence ONLY Military Intelligence is actually posting right now.

I have not heard this anywhere else but my experience in all things Q makes this very clear.

The quantity of drops has reduced significantly whilst the quality has increased.

In other words there are some massive bombs being dropped as we speak which will keep autists all over the globe working non-stop and feeding results to twitter.

Similarly the discourse is much more polite and sedate. An attempt has been made to keep the politically incorrect authenticity but profanities have decreased markedly.

Of note, there are almost no shills now, which is the deadset giveaway that qresearch is controlled.

Strategically at this point the site needs to be protected against false flag manifesto’s being dumped by the Deep State.

Whence there is a half day delay to posting.

There is no way anything untoward can be posted when everyone is shut out and delayed.

Of note, the school shooting today, was not posted on 8kun. If it was a FF, they had no way to post at all. Bad luck guys.

So in effect we get reams of intel on a read-only board.

Once Horowitz, Durham and FISA hits – then the real board will begin.

Old Anons will know the board isn’t functioning but newbies will not.

In a sense I am more than happy that I can’t post now because I won’t feel guilty for not contributing. Easy.

On twitter I outlined how the new board needed to be endorsed for veracity. I understand the tripcodes transferred but I still said we needed some super delta’s and a bleedingly obvious POTUS tweet/statement.

We now have one 33 second and one 108 second delta. However most importantly POTUS gave a speech where he discussed how Patriots have a new “Forum” for discussion.

Case closed.

Anyone reading this should download and input yesterdays onion address from Q Post 3593 into the Tor browser. This will directly get you to the qresearch board. Simples.

I had been struggling with getting from the mainpage even on Tor prior to this drop. Q helped me out quick smart!

Important to note – the Tor browser will not keep your anonymity if you venture to a clearnet (normal web) address. Only addresses ending in .onion will be spoofed.

Hell, I don’t even care. I know black hats at the CIA, ASIS can monitor me even with a VPN/TOR. I’m proud of being a Patriot so they can get stuffed.

The Tor browser access will only be temporary.

Jim Watkins and @CodemonkeyZ (Ron) have informed us that Loki and ultimately Odin will be the methods to get us a scalable, unbreakable and unhackable free speech board.

Lokinet somehow bounces packets of data off nodes through onion style routers. It is decentralised and has the potential to use crypto currencies to entrepreneurially get users to build nodes.

The purported Gold Standard platform will be Project Odin. One needs a brain the size of several planets to understand it. Watkins suggests thousands of nodes will be built at the front end to facilitate it while the back end is decentralised. There are some rumours that a satellite has been dedicated. Likely disinfo as it’s apparently not really necessary.

I highly doubt the technology is not already fully sorted and ready to rollout when the politics demands. It will revolutionise free speech. The delays and problems are all for show. Some IP addresses have even been traced to the DOD servers.

On a lighter note, I am getting the feeling that Fredrick Brennan, the 8chan software developer is actually a white hat in disguise. His role has been to surreptitiously attack 8Kun to give the impression that even the best can’t smack it down. I don’t think he had a falling out with Watkins – it’s all smoke and mirrors. Why would a guy in a wheelchair living in The Philippines with devout Catholics suddenly become Satanic? Similarly he was previously a voracious free speech advocate. Not buying it.

So to summarise:

Q has a safe place to post. Quality intel is being dropped on the boards by US Intelligence. The board can’t be comped or maligned/entraped. Full operational mode will only occur when the political milieu is ready.

All good.

Pretty easy to work out for Patriots.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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