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Post – 5th November 2019


By Dr Russell McGregor


The aim of this brief synopsis is to simply explain the definition, cause, a clinical assessment tool and treatment of PADD (Political Awakening Dysphoric Disorder).

This is not an academic paper. It has been compiled in two hours.

PADD is not a recognised mental health condition. Rather it is an attempt by me to formulate and discuss the potential characteristics of an emergent disorder.

This process has never, as far as I am aware, been endeavoured before for such a subject and hypothesis.

My background is that of a Medical Practitioner in Australia who has subsequently undergone and completed Specialty Training in Psychiatry. Hence I have a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) as well as a Specialist Psychiatrist qualification from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP).

In Australia, a Psychiatrist, has the ultimate academic authority to make comment on the content entailed in this synopsis. However I would not presume to have all the answers to the discussion at hand, particularly with such fledgling concepts and therefore welcome constructive criticism from anyone no matter their background.

PADD may be described as a feeling of profound agitation, unease and dissatisfaction with life secondary to a shattering of ones political core beliefs/sense of self that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning.

The precipitating cause of the cognitive dissonance involved in PADD is that of the person obtaining information which is entirely inconsistent with their political ideology.

Specifically PADD is speculated to refer to the attainment of knowledge pertaining to facts being disseminated via alternative media incorporating a worldwide phenomenon known as ‘The Great Awakening’ (TGA).

TGA entails such a vast and well documented body of crimes, including against children that it has the potential to cause acute symptoms of PADD to anyone learning of the extent of criminality involved.

Understanding industrialised Child Sex Trafficking by elite politician’s is central to TGA and most traumatising to those suffering from PADD.

In particular those who will be most susceptible to PADD will be those most mind controlled/brainwashed by the propaganda of the Deep State.

To be sure, the Deep State, is a Satanic/Luciferian political entity at core. The participants use Satanic Ritual and Paedophilia to bind adherents together by mutual blackmail to form group cohesion.

The upper levels of the Deep State only consist of familial bloodlines and are not open to outsiders.

Political Correctness is simply a method devised by The Frankfurt School and Tavistock Institute to garner total political control by the demoralisation and weakening/division of society.

Ultimately the purpose of Political Correctness is the Deep State totalitarian enslavement of all peoples.

Identity Politics is thus just a means to an ends.

It would be removed in time when the populations of the world are sufficiently docile and browbeaten.

At that time the activists of all persuasions must become a threat. They would need to be eliminated.

The fallacies and lies enforced by the Deep State are perpetuated by group think and retribution against dissidents.

The Mainstream Media is an arm of the Deep State and tightly maintains the narrative to achieve universal mind control.

However, once the MSM loses it’s power to influence and cover-up the crimes of the Deep State then PADD will ensue. The geopolitical direction makes this scenario a certainty.

Nothing can stop the takedown of the Deep State at this juncture.

Indeed the question is not if PADD will occur on mass, it is when.

A method to conceptualise the way the Deep State uses Identity Politics to initiate division in society and foment hatred to divide and conquer is a hierarchical model.

This model can also be used to educate people afflicted with PADD to understand the political propaganda used against them.

This hierarchy has been unconsciously learnt and is rigidly adhered to by society.


Here is my Clinical Assessment Tool to simplify the concept:

Those above the broken line are Deep State/Satanists.

The higher up the Satanic continuum, when above the line, the more subversive and criminal the behaviour.

The Deep State are not atheists they are religious Satanists.

MKULTRA programming is routine at these levels.


The Australian Hierarchy of Political Correctness Model

13 ruling bloodline families as per Springmeier from the CIA website – think Rothschild’s, Soros, Payseur’s, Windsor’s, House of Saud etc

300 elite illuminated families – think Clinton’s, Bushes, Schiff etc

Leaders of secret societies worldwide – think Freemasons, Vatican, Scientologists, Skull and Bones, Jesuits, OTO, Rosicrucians, Knights Templers etc

Other elites – Politician’s, Business/Corporate Statists, Bankers, Actors/Actresses, MSM heavyweights, Church elites, Kabbalist’s etc


Lower members of secret societies – think Master Masons (who are not aware of the Satanic origins of Freemasonry)


Aborigines – the more full blood the higher



Feminists – shorter hair and longer earrings the higher. The more man-hating the higher.


Hippies – the more pungent and vegan the higher

Politically Correct white males – metrosexuals/virtue signallers, the more treasonous the higher they move up

Immigrants – the more third world the higher

White Females

White Males




Notes –

To place an individual on this continuum they should ask themselves the following question…

Who are you comfortable criticising if you are in a coffee room at work in a public sector organisation?

If the person feels uneasy they should move themselves down the list.

Obviously each country has a different milieu.

Many may move up a level or two if they are outspoken politically in support of Deep State policies.

North/Eastern Asians tend to be equivalent to whites as they are generally socially conservative.

Regular garden variety Jews are certainly below the line. Elite leaders are above.


Psychological Treatment of PADD

The key concept of PADD is that the cause is political so the solution is as well.

Brainwashed individuals are taught to hate. Many have a sense of entitlement over those underneath them on the hierarchy continuum. They are programmed to seek division and justice through aggression and denigration.

The mind control perpetuated means that sufferers have not achieved basic developmental milestones. This includes that others have feelings and needs as much as they do.

I shall name the proposed treatment of PADD as PCBT.

PCBT is simply Political Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy. To be less modest it could also be called McGregor CBT or PCBT (McGregor); but of course I digress.

Understanding and hence unwinding the process of political indoctrination is the essence of PCBT.

Knowledge of the real antecedents of the individual’s political beliefs is vital.

There is no way around it, the treatment involves study/research of the political forces which shaped their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Intensive study is required.

The Hierarchy of Political Correctness Model can be a learning tool to evaluate the persons historic interactions with others.

Once a person understands the unhelpful cognitive political distortions they have been subjected to they can then remodel their thinking and change behaviour.

Mental health professionals will be quite useless in their ability to challenge and retrain political thoughts.

Almost all Psychologists will be as distressed and confused as the general population – perhaps even more so.

Some Psychiatrists may have an intuitive understanding of TGA but most will not. Unfortunately a small percentage will actually be a part of the Deep State elite as well.

Those with Major Mental Illness will be at increased risk of relapse. Psychiatrists will be able to contain these patients but real therapy will involve PCBT.

Medication should NOT be routine for PADD, if at all. Preventative Drug and Alcohol counselling will be important for those with a history of addiction.

The political concepts of people with PADD are built on emotions. These people were unable to formulate a worldview based on facts/evidence and commonsense.

Importantly, politically aware followers of QAnon from the beginning, will be here to help many make sense, of the coming events.

These Patriots will be able to help those suffering from PADD even more so than mental health professionals.

They will be better at restructuring faulty political thinking than trained clinicians.

Simply talking to QAnon followers about politics will be a form of cognitive and behavioural therapy.

The ability to forgive and accept blame/shame will be an important aspect of recovery.

Most in therapy will be feminists. Their world view will be utterly shattered.

The enjoyment of moral superiority will be lost.

Similarly narcissistic intellectuals will find TGA extremely humiliating as their ego, which prevented them from challenging their misconceptions, is publically burst.

However the most affected will be transgendered people.

Sadly, the Gender Dysphoria epidemic is mostly a Deep State politically precipitated condition. Autistic Spectrum Disorders are heavily prevalent as they are most vulnerable.

Genetic intersex malformations are exceedingly rare. Almost all GD individual’s have normal genitalia and hormonal levels.

Fortunately the surgical mutilation and chemical castration causing permanent cognitive insult will become much less common after TGA. Litigation risk will be a major part of this adjustment. The Psychiatric Profession will be seen as complicit much as with the era’s of frontal lobotomies and insulin coma therapy (ICT).

Transgendered people are victims of the Deep State. They are as worthy as all of us and deserve compassion and care.

Their journey will be very difficult and indeed many will be so highly invested that they may be refractory to PCBT – if they decide to undertake it. Ultimately their autonomy must be respected.

As always the stages of grief model will occur with PADD.

There will be denial then anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

Most with PADD will negotiate the pathway without intervention as they see the Overton Window move beyond their former beliefs.

Perhaps 5-10% will never accept the evidence of TGA and will have chronic PADD.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



Tuesday 5th November 2019 (AEST)


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