Post – 26th October 2019 – A

26 Oct Post – 26th October 2019 – A

Post – 26th October 2019 – A


Don’t bother reading this post as I will provide no information of value except to rant against the Fascists whom have destroyed me.

Barr and Durham

Obviously the massive news just released yesterday is that William Barr and John Durham have begun a CRIMINAL investigation into the crimes surrounding #Spygate.


Biggest news yet. A total shill killer.

This will be a lengthy process but at the end ALL the crimes I have outlined as a whistleblower/Journalist will be demonstrated as true.

Certainly I am rather proud of the revelations of the Italian EyePyramid scandal which Barr/Durham have exposed during their recent trips to Italy. This is the “significant information” they have acquired.

This info came at source many months ago direct from my discussions with Giulio Occhionero.

He and his sister have spent two years in gaol for their whistleblowing.

Similarly Mifsud’s Western Intelligence backing is now out in the open.


Message to DFAT

Message to DFAT.

If you are lurking here, you had better flip ASAP and provide ALL the evidence requested.

I made it crystal clear in very concise language over six months ago that I would provide info to Barr/Durham against you.

Specifically over six months ago I stated precisely that the Attorney General, William Barr AND the Prosecutor from Connecticut, John Durham would be informed by me of your actions for YOUR potential extradition to the US.

I was over six months ahead of the news which hit yesterday. Durham was a total unknown at that time but I KNEW where it was heading.

I think you all just realised how serious this has become; or more accurately you now know the game is up.

Your call.

Sleep tight.

BTW – the emails are all saved offline. :)



The Inspector General, Horowitz has written a letter to Congress informing them that the OIG Report is being finalised. My guess is that it will come roughly just before Christmas but who knows.

Huge when it hits.

FISA will rock the house.


General Flynn

18 months ago I blogged extensively about General Flynn and the modified 302’s. Yesterday we found out that indeed Lisa Page forged the 302’s to entrap Flynn. Total vindication for Q and me.

He will be fully exonerated as I have said since the get-go. The Deep State set him up because of his knowledge of the NSA and his ability to expose their corruption. They also used him as a means to promote their coup d’état.

[Deep State FBI]


Did the ABC tell you this stuff? Or did they hide it all costs?

The Australian MSM are criminals.

We are the news now Patriots.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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