Post – 22nd October 2019 – B

22 Oct Post – 22nd October 2019 – B

Post – 22nd October 2019 – B



1) Quick thread on Paedophile grooming: 🤬

Roughly one month ago the following article appeared in the UK:👇

– outlining a program for teaching children how to masturbate. 👶🏻


2) The ‘All About Me’ program is being rolled out in Warwickshire to advise children as young as six years old on how to touch themselves.

Note the in-your-face title.

Big lies and crimes are always easier to shape with a naïve and trusting populace.


3) There is NO evidence-based medicine from Clinical Studies associating better mental health outcomes with mandatory masturbation in children.

The reason for this is that NO ethics committee would ever approve such a Clinical Trial.

They have NOT been done.


4) So who is Jonny Hunt, the self-styled ‘Sex Education Consultant’, advising the Warwickshire School Board on child masturbation?

Is he a Psychiatrist? – nuh.

Is he a Psychologist? – nuh.

A mental health Nurse? – nuh.

How bout a kindie teacher? – nuh.

Ziperoo quals.


5) Hmm… So how did he figure out that kids should have mandatory masturbation lessons?

Hint – it’s in the last sentence of the article.

…He visited Holland, saw a guidance program, and tweaked something he felt needed tweaking.

You guessed it – by adding masturbation!


6) This guy is an unqualified charlatan masquerading as an expert.

Note that after this article was published – Jonny ditched all his social media.

Very transparent.


7) So what’s all this really about? 🧐


Pure and simple.


8) The purpose of this Warwickshire filth is to ‘prove’ that children can give consent for sex.

What medical form will this proof take?

Wait for it….


9) The convenor of the program (Jonny boy) will announce that the program was a marked success and that no complaints or difficulties were encountered.

It will therefore be considered that children are able to understand and give consent for sex.

The MSM will take it to the bank.


10) The next Deep State progressive step will be for children to experiment on each other.

Finally a trusted educational adult expert, working as a chaperone, would be added to ‘observe’.

If consent is present then all falls into line.


11) And what is the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Prescot Street, London doing about this?


The ultimate body who should be stopping this at source has abridged all ethical and professional responsibility.



12) This stuff will come to 🇦🇺 soon.

The RANZCP will let it happen. 🤬


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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