Post – 14th October 2019 – B

14 Oct Post – 14th October 2019 – B

Post – 14th October 2019 – B


The geopolitics of the Turkish offensive are very simple but the MSM will not explain it at all.

So lets do it.

Basically the Deep State is being methodically taken apart in the Middle East.

Anyone reading my blogs would know that Obama attempted to stage a coup and violently overthrow Erdogan but were upstaged by Putin, who managed to tip him off just in time.

Hence Erdogan owes Putin his life.

Similarly Assad owes Putin his life as well, because the Russians drove out ISIS from Western Syria.

Obama of course created ISIS in order to take out Assad and cause continual MIC induced Deep State never-ending war.

So Trump came in and stopped ISIS simply by blocking its financial and military backing by the Obama administration.

Now the only impediment to peace in Northern Syria is the Kurds.

The Kurds of course sided with the Deep State and now are backed by no one. They are completely isolated after backing the wrong horse.

Trump knows exactly how this plays out.

He removes all US troops as promised in the 2016 election. However beforehand he makes an agreement with Putin, Assad and Erdogan that there will be a peace negotiation and accord afterwards.

Peace however can only be achieved when the ISIS component of the PKK is eliminated. Thus Erdogan gets to quickly move in and surgically remove the last remnant of ISIS. Trump makes it known Worldwide that any civilian collateral damage by Turkey will be severely punished economically.

Hence the Kurds have two options. Make peace with Assad and be incorporated into Syria with some autonomy or else be overrun by their bitter enemies Turkey.

The Kurds now have no allies in the region and are opposed by Russia, US, Turkey and Syria. They are toast.

No doubt they will chose peace and immersion into Syria. ISIS will be fully eliminated and Trump will strike the peace deal with no US casualties and hopefully none at all overall. The North Eastern oilfields will be divvied up by agreement between Putin and Trump. All stakeholders will gain some part.

That’s how it ends.

No more unending war and bloodshed.


The Kurds will also win in the long-term. That’s what peace brings – universal betterment.

The Worldwide (WW) Deep State MSM are furious.

The Deep State hates peace. Merkel and Macron are angry.

They must portray the Kurds as victims. They say this victimhood requires NATO mass bombing immediately to rectify.

Not happening.

Trump has organised this whole strategy long ago. He knows how this plays out.


The ABC are apoplectic. The only thing they can do is portray Trump as stupid for endangering the Kurds. They want to pressure Trump to continue fighting for never-ending Deep State war.

Not happening.

Peace is coming thanks to President Trump and his cleanout of the Deep State.

Promises made. Promises kept.


Make  Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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