Post – 2nd October 2019 – B

02 Oct Post – 2nd October 2019 – B

Post – 2nd October 2019 – B


continued from part A

The next section of the Morrison/Speers interview regarded the possibility of a transcript and recording in existance as per George Papadopoulos.

Obviously these exist 100%.

Problem is, Scott Morrison can’t acknowledge this, because if he was aware of them, then he would have needed to have made them public already.

Secondly, he can’t deny they exist because he knows they will be produced very soon. He calls any mention of them as “salacious commentary” and “hyperventilation”.

In other words he refuses to answer the question.


SM: “not matters (transcripts) … that have been recommended to me that require close attention.”

“that’s not information available to me and I’ll tell you why because its not a matter that demands the attention of the Prime Minister”.


“these events occurred well before my time as Prime Minister”.

Hint – Intelligence haven’t told me anything at all. Speak to Malcolm.


So how do we sum this up?

Clearly the damage control will be directed toward the top dogs in the Liberal Party who 100% knew about Spygate or were actively involved.

eg: Malcolm Turnbull, Alexander Downer, Julia Bishop, Christopher Pyne, Tony Abbott and Bradley Hazzard etc etc.

Similarly all the intelligence operatives used and heads at ASIO/ASIS/DFAT/ONI/ASD/AGIO and DOD are in a world of pain.

Fortunately Scott Morrison was not directly involved and may be able to escape unharmed. Did he know the details prior to today? …. Hmmm

Perhaps a better question is, did a nobody shrink in the suburbs know the details in January 2018 and then out of duty plaster them repeatedly on his blog ever since?

Anyways, Scotty will be completely shocked when the truth of Spygate comes out. Imagine my surprise at his surprise.

He will also be blissfully unaware of the involvement of the UK, Italy and Ukraine. Sad.

Still, you must give him some points for taking over the pigsty and doing his best to clean it up. He is redeeming himself and helping our country and the world at this point.

All Australian Deep State Politicians and MSM will plead ignorance too. Patriots will not allow this to happen though.

We will drain the swamp.

We MUST drain the swamp.


You won’t hear about it on the ABC, but William Barr has visited Italy to gather evidence this past week.

Guiseppe Conte is on board, just like Morrison.

All the information I have provided here about the Italian role in Spygate is 100% true.

Soon I will be vindicated.


What a bunch of Deep State criminals.

Today the ABC did not even cover the blockbuster Morrison/Speers interview. The question of a Papadopoulos tape/transcript was way too terrifying for them.

Spygate has them in conniptions.

Obviously they had no idea how to spin it and decided the only option was to kill it with silence.

History will note their inaction.

Here is the full interview:

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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