Post 25th September 2019 – A

25 Sep Post 25th September 2019 – A

Post 25th September 2019 – A


Today I will post a thread from my twitter account which I made early in September 2019.


1) As we all know HRC’s (Hillary Rodham Clinton) USSS (US Secret Service) code name is .

The Clinton’s engaged in industrial child sex trafficking from [Haiti] and other South American/Caribbean countries using SAMAR.

2) SAMAR is a shipping line.

It is a subsidiary of Evergreen.

The rack lines moved north into the US mainland.

The kids were ultimately used for sex/sacrifice/blood/adrenochrome etc.

The was central to co-ordination.

3) The Departure (Haiti etc) and arrival (US) Ports were controlled by foreign interests.

Think UAE, China, Britain, Denmark.

DP World, Cosco, P&O, and Maersk are major players.


4) George W Bush tried to sell multiple US Ports to the UAE in 2007 (including Miami) but ultimately failed as Congress voted against it due to post 9/11 security interests.

Bush threatened to veto but caved in.

His actions never made sense.


5) Pressure from resulted in a Chinese Company, Cosco being forced to sell the Port of Long Beach.

This Port has been mentioned in multiple posts usually linked to Child Sex Trafficking.


6) The DP World Group is alleged to be the logistical arm of a WW Child Sex Trafficking business.

This shipping line uses containers to transport kids and vertically integrates by owning Ports. ⚓️

🇰🇵 North Korea was a part of this model until white hats disrupted it.

7) Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem is the Group Chairman and CEO of DP World Group.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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