Post – 25th September 2019 – E

25 Sep Post – 25th September 2019 – E

Post – 25th September 2019 – E


If there is a theoretical word which describes the most extreme form of corruption then that word would perfectly apply to the ABC.

Today I watched the ABC News and the 7.30 Report.

It was sickening.

Any naïve individual watching would think that President Trump was evil and fully deserving of impeachment. The bias was disgusting.

Every word was crafting to place the President in a bad light.

They were literally baying for blood.

Problem is – they will be most disappointed.

Trump is in full control and this whole Ukraine caper will blow up in the Deep State’s face big time.

I wrote about Biden’s Ukraine/China corruption/embezzlement months ago. The whole thing has been covered ad nauseam by Patriots on alt-Media since April this year. Rudi Giuliani has been exploding the crimes left right and centre.

Now the MSM is acting like they have never heard of the billions of dollars scammed and Biden’s admission on camera.

Ridiculous lies.

This episode is designed by white hats to show the MSM as the true enemies of the people.

Trump, of course, has done nothing wrong. Pelosi has jumped the shark and bolted forward with zero evidence. It is all hilarious.

The MSM cannot kill the crimes of Biden with silence now, which they would have otherwise done. Rudi and Trump have brought this on and the MSM are just clueless. This was the only way to get coverage for the massive crimes. The laundered money through Cypress and the cover up by the Obama diplomat will be front and centre. The Hunter Biden/Bolger/Chinese scam will dwarf all others. Major major league fraud and quid pro quo.

The last thing Pelosi wants is a Senate impeachment trial. There is no other explanation for her stupidity except that she is leveraged up to her crooked eyeballs.

The transcripts will clear Trump and most likely will highlight despicable Democrat crimes including Victoria Nuland’s coup d’état by the US against Ukraine and the downed passenger plane by Ukraine instead of Russia.

The corruption and warmongering by the Obama administration to start the war and impede Russia may have also been discussed. Obama should be sent to The Hague for these war crimes alone.

There are three options from here:

1) The impeachment will be quickly walked back once the transcripts show that Trump is in the clear and the Democrats are in big criminal trouble. The Demoncrats lose their ability to impeach FOREVER and they get caned by the electorate for an inane attempt to reverse the democratic process.

2) They proceed to impeachment with a majority vote sending it to the senate. The Senate vote will obviously fail. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a supramajority (67 votes) there.

3) The Republicans could perform the biggest dummy/fake pass and vote for impeachment with the democrats. This Machiavellian move would force the Senate Trial over nothing.

Then the fun starts. Trump could subpoena ANYONE to the Senate to determine motive. Killary, Obama, Kerry, Nuland etc etc. Indeed he could conduct a whole declas criminal investigation in public view. All the Deep State crimes exposed by QAnon would be on full display!

Either way Trump wins.

Game over.

Enjoy The Show.

Oh….and in time there will be a reckoning for the ABC.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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