Post – 13th September 2019

13 Sep Post – 13th September 2019

Post – 13th September 2019


There have been significant developments in the Italian ENTRAPMENT operation run by Obama to overthrow President Trump.

As you may recall I blogged about this explosive story back in May and June this year.

Please re-read my posts of:

26th May 2019 – B


1st June 2019.

As usual I was trying to get the story out as it was breaking.

I felt strongly that the crimes were valid and the sources were very credible.

Over the past four months I have continued to follow the story and have been directly researching at source.

The veracity of Guilio Occhionero, Francesca Occhionero and Leo Zagami is absolute. No question. They are true Patriot hero’s. My previous blogs were 100% correct.

The Italian MSM has apparently been forced to touch on the cover-up in the last 24 hours.

Further insider information I have at hand has also surfaced in the past few days.

Indeed I reckon this whole entrapment operation is about to blow.

My feeling is that Andrew McCabe at the FBI was central to the setup, as I outlined four months ago.

Interestingly today McCabe has been denied an appeal by the DOJ (Rosen) against an indictment.

Andy is in a world of pain.

He will likely need to implicate Obama in an attempt to save himself – which will not work. He will hang.

Renzi will hang.

It is possible that Obama has pre-emptively pardoned himself for this coup d’état but we shall see.

The Australian MSM will NOT cover this unless it blows open. They will continue to kill this at all costs.

Here is a letter Guilio Occhionero sent to the US Congress and FBI:

Once again my question is, whom in Australia, knew of this attempt to criminally overthrow American democracy?

It is BS that nobody here was aware and in on it.

Watch for recordings/wiretaps of all US/Italian conspirators discussing the plot. Do you hear what I am saying?


Sadly 9/11 truth will not surface anytime soon. A blockbuster study was released by the University of Alaska this month which meticulously details the evidence that Building 7 was a controlled demolition. As I have outlined on twitter, it will be THE seminal paper on WTC 7.

White hats have game played 9/11 truth and can not risk exposing it at this time. The lying MSM would blame it on Republicans as Bush was involved. This could jeopardise 2020. After the election 9/11 will be outed and the Deep State will be fully prosecuted. All 9/11 RINO’s will be removed by then and Trump will have total control.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



PS – sorry for my formatting errors in the last post. I couldn’t convert a PDF file and got waylaid by the cricket. That’s my excuse. :)



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