Post – 25th August 2019 – D

25 Aug Post – 25th August 2019 – D

Post – 25th August 2019 – D

continued from Part C:

36) Katherine Keating volunteered for many Board positions in large companies and organisations which had access to the logistical movements of children. She had few qualifications pertinent to such positions.

One position was as a Board member with the ‘International Crisis Group':

The Board of Trustee Members for ICG include Deep State elites Alexander Downer and George Soros.

37) Katherine Keating worked for Berggruen’s 21st Century Group:

Nicolas Berggruen, Billionaire Investor, was on the Epstein Island manifest.

38) Katherine Keating now works for the Maverick Agency in Los Angeles. They identify young talent in the entertainment industry.

Below Katherine is talking about her father and also expressing a desire to get young people involved in the political process.

She wants to sell the Deep State policies of George Soros by using celebrities.

39) Katherine Keating is involved with the Founders Forum in the UK – @Founders_Forum

The goal of FF is to “champion #entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey”. Nicole Junkermann, who is associated with Epstein likely via Mossad/CIA is named as a member of FF, along with Katherine.

40) There are secret societies in Australia which can have familial linage. No insinuations are intended or suggested.

41) Oddly, Paul Keating has refused to speak to the MSM following the revelations of his daughter being linked to Epstein’s Paedophile Mansion in New York. Paul has always been a media whore who has loved publicity. Two days ago Paul hid his face and ran away when approached by Sky News. He also abandoned his house for the time being.

Similarly Katherine has refused to comment. PR 101 would suggest it would be appropriate to get ahead of the story but this has not occurred. The other daughter, Alexandra, has simply responded with “I am not Katherine”. Hardly a supportive statement. Alexandra has reportedly fled her home in Los Angeles as well.

We would hope that all the myriad mysteries entailed would be answered expeditiously given the potential involvement of children.

Hope so.

Make Australia Great Again.

Dr Russell McGregor



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