Post – 25th August 2019 – B

25 Aug Post – 25th August 2019 – B

Post – 25th August 2019 – B

continued from Part A:

11) “New Idea”, an Australian Magazine in the 80’s, published an article alleging Paul Keating visited Thailand to see boys. No inference of wrongdoing was suggested or should be.

12) Paul Keating was worshipped as a God by Australian elites and the MSM because Paul hated the “unsophisticated” Australian culture – which was best removed.

13) Paul Keating is a closet homosexual. This has always been an open secret amongst the Canberra Press Gallery. In the 80’s, Keating would not have been electable at all, if his sexuality were known by the public. The MSM enforced silence on his homosexuality and instead portrayed him as being very “macho”.

14) Paul Keating was a compromised Politician who would have been humiliated and cast out by the Catholics in the Labor Party if his homosexuality were exposed.

15) Bob Hawke was the preceding PM before Paul Keating. Fiona Barnett named Bob as one of her childhood rapists. Some think that he was Satanically Ritually Sacrificed two days prior to the recent Federal election to elicit sympathy. There is no evidence at all that this is true. There is also no evidence that his death elicited any sympathy as the Labor Party was soundly defeated.

16) 28 Politicians and Judges were named as Paedophiles by Senator Bill Heffernan under Parliamentary privilege in 2010, including one Prime Minister. He claimed that Australian Politics was run by an elite entwined Paedophile Network. No names were made available as the MSM have banned identification. No insinuations or wrongdoing are intended.

17) A secretive Pact known as “The Kirribilli Agreement” was made between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating in the presence of a wealthy industrialist, Sir Peter Abeles. This agreement was a Deep State handling Prime Ministerial succession plan made without the knowledge of the Australian People. Abeles was aware of Keating’s sexuality.

18) Paul Keating attempted to anonymously force through a homosexual marriage bill in the 80’s. Insider Labor Party Politicians called him “Captain Wacky” for this failed attempt. It would have been Political suicide for the Party.

19) In the 1998 Paul Keating announced at the table during a dinner party, attended by his wife with many guests, that he was leaving her to be with his boyfriend.

20) Paul Keating has lived with his boyfriend at an expensive terrace mansion at Potts point ( gay area of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney) for the past twenty years. This information has been black banned by the Australian MSM. A cover story was fashioned that he had a girlfriend in the area, until she eventually denied it.

21) Paul Keating has openly and brazenly brandished the wearing of red shoes in public, similar to other elites in the world. I have discussed this at length over one year ago.

22) In the late 80’s Paul Keating bought an industrial sized Piggery at Scone in the rural upper Hunter Valley of NSW.

He did this despite harbouring a well known animosity toward rural farmers. He was ridiculed by Conservatives as this purchase represented the antithesis of his opulent inner city lifestyle and persona.

23) Katherine Keating is the eldest daughter of Paul Keating. She ingratiated herself into elite Sydney society at a young age. Her well known nickname was “hubcap” because she would attach herself to the biggest wealthiest wheels. This was in contrast to her espoused left wing ideology.

continued in Part C:


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