Post – 20th August 2019

20 Aug Post – 20th August 2019

Post – 20th August 2019


Yesterday, John Solomon, one of the only real investigative Journalists in the world, reported that Joseph Mifsud (aka Joseph Di Gabriele) was a Western Intelligence asset.

Solomon obtained this explosive information after interviewing Mifsud’s lawyer. Furthermore the lawyer admitted that Mifsud was part of a CIA counterintelligence “operation” against Donald Trump!

Yep, you heard that right. Mifsud wasn’t a Russian spy but a Western one used to entrap Trump and force a coup d’état.

Nothing at all mentioned on the ABC or any other Australian MSM outlets…..odd.

Make no mistake this is historic and a huge development in the biggest scandal in our lifetime.

It is a massive Q proof and also vindication of all my previous blogs on Mifsud.

Durham, the Connecticut Prosecutor, has a taped deposition from Mifsud outlining the crimes and may have actually personally interviewed Mifsud as well whilst in Europe. The Deep State is terrified of him.

Where is Mifsud? We don’t know, but he is 100% under the control of white hats, in order to avoid any accidental anti-life assistance from Hillary Clinton.

Obviously Mifsud was never just a plain old Maltese Professor. He was a pure intelligence operative and even trained CIA/FBI spies in their facility at Link University in Rome. He was Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE)/CIA/MI6 integrated.

Italy/UK/Australia and the CIA/State Department are up to their neck in it.

Where does this lead back to?

Clearly it goes back to John Brennan (CIA Head)/Susan Rice/James Clapper, Robert Hannigan (GCHQ)/Theresa May and ultimately Obama.

There is no question now that Brennan and Hannigan will hang, it can not be avoided.

This is not good news for Australia and particularly, Alexander “fishnet” Downer. Downer of course, attempted to extract the planted information by Mifsud, from Papadopoulos.

Meantime the Australian MSM killed this bombshell, of an attempted overthrow of an elected President, by demanding that Alan Jones be sacked for saying stuff they don’t want him to say (for the thousandth time).

Seriously though, the Australian MSM is so corrupt and Deep State controlled that they simply can not touch this revelation. They have spent the last three years 24/7 telling you that Trump colluded with Russia without any evidence whatsoever. Their masters know what is coming but can do nothing to stop it, except ignoring the facts, as they burn through their lies.

Sadly, once again, I am the only Australian Journalist informing the public of these historic events. It is not difficult, requiring only a responsibility to actually give a shoot.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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