Post – 26th July 2019 – A

26 Jul Post – 26th July 2019 – A

Post – 26th July 2019 – A


Yesterday the Mueller farce ended in DC. It was historic.

In short it represented the complete public capitulation of the Deep State.

They literally have nothing left. Their defeat is openly apparent to all.

The performance of Mueller was exactly as all Q Patriots expected.

The MSM was shocked and many were seen to be on the verge of tears with their narrative in tatters.

I must of course add that my statements a year ago, that Rosenstein and Mueller were indeed white hats, is now fully vindicated. I am, as far as I am aware, the only Australian Journalist whom has said this and I said it EARLY.

Mueller was playing a role, that of the cognitively impaired elder statesman, whom the left had invested all their hope.

Yes, the whole charade was theatre.

Mueller was not going to give the Deep State any grounds for their agenda of impeachment because he is a cog in ‘The Great Awakening’.

Anyways the whole caper was a hoax so there was never going to be any evidence against Trump in any case.

The most important aspect of the entire hearing (actually there were two parts and sadly I listened to every word of each), was the questioning by the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan.

Jim is a true Patriot and has been vital in the exposure of Deep State crimes.

Yesterday he openly went FULL QAnon.

Yes; the research Q has directed us toward, with regard to the origins of the hoax, was put on the record by Jim.

This five minute video is an ode to Q:

So now millions have been told on live TV that the whole hoax was a set up by Deep State intelligence funnelled through Downer, Mifsud and Papadopoulos – classic Q.

Yep, nothing to do with the Russians!

The MSM of course MUST ignore this because it will reveal all things Q if they don’t. It is beyond laughable.

The other obvious reveal was that Mueller did not write the Report, rather it was Weissmann, the corrupt Demoncrat! The MSM now knows this but once again MUST ignore it. This of course means that when the facts are gradually revealed and the truth is exposed, it will be obvious that this was a Demoncrat coup attempt.

Thus the real collusion was by the Demoncrats pushing for impeachment so THEY could engage in obstruction of justice to stop the investigation of THEIR own crimes.

The most puzzling aspect of the hearings was why the Republicans didn’t bring up the Concord court case.

No doubt the reason is that the white hats want a slow reveal. The normies need to digest the Mueller testimony and then be hit later by Concord. Too much of a takedown will remove the continued pressure being exerted upon the MSM. More rope is required for hanging purposes.

Throughout the hearings the Demoncrats mentioned one million times that the Russians effected a “sweeping and systematic” assault on the 2016 election. The MSM have printed this ad nauseam.

Actually a Russian catering company placed $500 worth of adds on Facebook and Twitter (13 ads in total) which had a political bent. Some were even pro-Killary. Furthermore most of the ads were in Russian! The only connection with the Government was that one of the twelve Russians had worked as a chef in the Kremlin.

You can’t make this stuff up. Yep, this was why Trump had to be impeached!

Here is the background to the court case:

Eventually this will come out as all Patriots know the facts. The MSM can’t hide it forever.

The real foreign interference was when millions of Mexicans and illegals plastered the internet with pro-Killary propaganda during the election……..oh…..and UK/Australian/Italian spying against Trump to effect a coup d’état.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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