Post – 26th July 2019 – B

26 Jul Post – 26th July 2019 – B

Post – 26th July 2019 – B

The ABC is the ‘Enemy of the People’

About one month ago President Trump accuser, E. Jean Carroll called rape “sexy” on CNN. She also made a pass at Anderson Cooper which necessitated the corrupt network¬†cutting to a commercial.

This was humiliating for CNN and Cooper. It was a social media hit.

No other network in the US would dare repeat the same catastrophe.

However this did not stop our own ABC.

Not at all.

Our ABC is so purely Deep State that they had to try anything to help their American brethren.

And that is why Leigh Sales pitched in to interview Carroll.


Nothing, no dirt.

The only thing gained was an insight into just how far our ABC will go to further the Deep State agenda.

It’s on the record.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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