Post – 21st July 2019 – B

21 Jul Post – 21st July 2019 – B

Post – 21st July 2019 – B


Aaron Dietrich

This whole Epstein case is so HUGE it’s hard to fully comprehend. Most of us that have been following this from the beginning have understood how if/when this breaks it’s going to spread laterally and downward, bringing down some big name ppl with Epstein. What I couldn’t comprehend until today is just how far this is going to spread UPWARD to bring down much much bigger fish than just CEOs, celebs, and politicians. Those ppl are all replaceable, which is why they were being targeted for a blackmail op by an intelligence asset. It didn’t come together for me until I read this tweet from Ellen Barkin:

“Epstein’s pimp girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, a very well-connected Brit socialite cannot just walk free. This woman is his pimp. She pilots planes to and from the island. I know because she told me. She is a sex trafficker.”

This admission from Ellen puts her in legal jeopardy if she didn’t report it, but reportedly she says she did in the thread of that tweet. Either way, this shows pretty well that it was an open secret kinda like serial rapist Weinstein was. So why was nothing done about Epstein (or Weinstein)? In the coming weeks/months more of the Truth will be exposed, but we already have a pretty good answer from Labor Sec Acosta, who unsurprisingly is all over the news in their attempt to make him the fall guy, and him and Trump the focus, rather than Epstein and his co-conspirators. That’s what the “deal” in ’08 really did, it gave Epstein a public but quiet slap on the wrist (a lesson because he did fuck up and cause exposure), but more importantly it hid/sheltered all the co-conspirators in a sick underage sex trafficking ring, and only the tip of that iceberg is exposed to those not diving deep already. When Acosta was asked at his confirmation hearing about his involvement in making the deal in the Epstein case, he responded “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,”. There was no push back to that response at the hearing or after. (link-…/bombshell-alex-acosta-reportedl… )

Like Whitey Bulger belonged to the domestic FBI as an asset, Epstein belonged to “intelligence” which implies foreign, like the CIA. Whitey was protected while he killed, extorted, stole, etc. The Clowns protected Epstein while he raped and trafficked children, across state lines and international waters, including to his properties/island where he also lured the rich & elite to party… and he took pictures in the bedrooms.

Get it yet? He was a blackmail agent who was protected by, and ultimately worked for the intelligence service(s). Given that his primary recruiter/pimp which Ellen calls out, Ghislaine Maxwell, is a British socialite it’s appropriate to question if this wasn’t a joint CIA/UK MI6 blackmail op.

Let that sink in for another minute, a joint US and UK intelligence service operation that was targeting some of the worlds most powerful public figures, including US politicians and even UK royalty, to honeypot them into having sex with kids in order to gather blackmail material. Not gather intelligence, but gather adults raping kids blackmail images (control).

So the big question is, much like with the Russiagate op to frame Trump, who was running this op? Who was REALLY running this op?! With Russiagate all signs point to Obama having ordered the spying, including through UK intel to bypass laws. But this is different, this ongoing blackmail op seems to have spanned more than three decades going back to 1987. That’s back when former Clown chief George HW Bush was VP just a few years before he became POTUS, and then through Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama. So who was running this op?! Who ordered it?! On the US side? On the UK side? Any other players? Epstein wasn’t running it, he’s just an asset that they could have protected all the way like the co-conspirators, but instead let him serve a little time and face some public embarrassment.

No, when they track back who ordered this op, the trail doesn’t lead to Intel chiefs or any of those four POTUS. There’s no way! This is going to track up to the people that run things outside of gov constraints, that supersedes our gov. This leads to the shadow government and the cabal of oligarchs that really run things!

And here’s a really important angle to this concerning Trump, that better explains his association to Epstein, and why the media is trying to still play this association against Trump. Remember back during the election in ’16 among the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct the sole rape allegation came from a woman that says Trump raped her at a party at Epstein’s mansion back in ’94 when she was only 13. Trump admitted to being there but denied the allegation, and went on to win. (link-…/did-donald-trump-and-jeff…/ ). I’ve heard talk that Trump was told at the party that someone was waiting for him in a bedroom, he went in, saw what was up, left right away and called the cops to report, but no confirmation yet. It’s notable that Trump had banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago not long after for having sexually assaulted an underage female employee, there is a report of that.

Remember after Trump took office and the BS Russiagate allegations ramped up and Trump called the IC assessments wrong, lies, and politically motivated, then Schumer went on national cable news to warn Trump that he better be careful “because if you mess with them they have eight ways to Sunday to get back at you!” Well here we see two clear ways Schumer must have been referring to, underage honeypot traps for blackmail and a compliant/controlled mockingbird media news to push false narratives.

Do you think there is any chance that Trump raped a 13 year old girl in a house specifically designed by US/UK intelligence to capture photographic evidence of this, and what, they happened to have equipment failure just then?! Nope, if they had it they would have used it by now. But Trump was obviously a blackmail target of theirs/Epstein’s all the way back in ’94, someone knew about it, how to find that woman, how to get her to come forward to lie, and the MSM gladly covered it while ignoring the Epstein angle.

We know Trump is very disciplined, he has never had anything to drink or smoke and never done drugs, no one has ever tried to challenge that. He was also the playboy son to a NY real estate mogul father who wanted to create his own empire. Do you think his father didn’t know about honeypots and honeytraps, or that he wouldn’t have given his son a warning? Honeypots are not a new thing, that espionage/blackmail tactic is older than our nation, and it’s not at all limited to gov intel ops. It’s prevalent in big business and criminal cartels too, so Trump would have been surrounded by it and likely experienced with the tactic, especially by ’94 when he was about 50 years old. Remember on the campaign trail in ’16 when Trump said he knew all about the swamp and how it all worked?!

So no, those pics of Trump with Epstein at social gatherings where Trump was not drinking don’t mean squat. He knew the game and how to play it, he was being disciplined and he was winning.

This pic, on the other hand, is a bit of a nightmare for the Clintons. That’s Ghislaine Maxwell circled in red, the Epstein/CIA/MI6’s pimp/recruiter for their child sex trafficking ring, and she’s at Chelsea’s wedding. This woman’s job as a pimp selling kids was an open secret, Bill had a close personal and professional relationship with Epstein, and as POTUS he was in charge of all the intel and justice agencies while this blackmail op was happening, so ignorance isn’t going to cut it as an explanation. Not this time. Not with ALL of the protections stripped away.

I could go on and on, there’s so much more being exposed, connected, and put into perspective. Like the Alefantis Epstein connections, or the serial rapist Weistein case, his mossad protectors/handlers, his role as a recruiter of “new talent” into Hollywood, the Clowns, his role in media and propaganda, his close relationship with the Clintons and the Dems, and how his take down was another huge blow to the shadow gov and the cabal. But I’ll leave it at that for now, this is way too long already.



Only a fool would think President Trump has not gamed this for years.
Epstein is the keystone to begin the Deep State takedown.
Have you seen such a simple, bleeding obvious analysis from the MSM?
This will be the end of the #fakenews industry.
Make Australia Great Again,
Dr Russell McGregor



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