Post – 16th July 2019

16 Jul Post – 16th July 2019

Post – 16th July 2019


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We are fast entering the public reveal stage of all of the Deep State crimes.

The Q Team have everything set in place and now only need to slowly uncover all the terrible protagonists and their crimes.

‘The Great Awakening’ will lead to quite simply an entirely different world as the consequences will be so profound.

We are witnessing history.

Interestingly ‘The Plan’ is currently using a heuristic method (learning oneself through practical application) to wake up the masses on just one aspect of ‘The Great Awakening’ – namely paedophilia.

Let me explain.

Over the last few days the word “Epstein” has been trending on social media. This is no accident. The US Military is seeding information gradually so that even brainwashed left-wing ideologues must research the facts.

We are seeing drone video’s of Little Saint James Island and even close-ups of the tunnel gates and doors. All planted.

The purpose is to make the left-wingers think that they are organically discovering the evil nature of what happened at the island and thus they will welcome the big reveals to come rather than hinder them.

It has all been gamed militarily.

Eventually all will know that a Satanic Religion has ruled the world since antiquity and they engage in Ritual Sexual Abuse of children and child sacrifice/consumption. The purpose of which is to not only to please Lucifer but also to enable blackmail and group cohesion. The delivery is via elite chapter secret societies which are controlled by bloodline families.

I have explained all of this in detail since January 2018 and so will not repeat it again, similarly I shall not show all the pictures of the island and what not again – even though the newer ones are of higher resolution. It is very easy to find them now, even on Google.

In case you haven’t worked it out, Epstein has already been investigated by the previous Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and is singing like a canary. Rachel Chandler, the child handler, has also coughed up names and other vital information. Each name will lead to further names etc etc etc. This whole case will end up catching hundreds if not thousands of elite Politicians/Business Executives/Hollywood Actors and those high ranking in the MSM.

We will find that the Deep State CIA and other Deep State Foreign Intelligence Agencies were intimately involved in the whole process. Indeed Epstein was an Intelligence Asset and was therefore protected at all stages – until Trump.

Famous Presidents, Prime Ministers and even Royalty will be involved. It goes all the way because you actually NEED to be a Satanist to get to the elite levels.

It will be interesting to find out exactly how much collateral exists. There is talk of white hat raided safes and servers being found even in the past few days. This is on top of Q saying the NSA has it all. The Clinton Foundation is obviously involved. Video’s/photos will of course be the ultimate evidence.

Everyone will find out that #Pizzagate was entirely true. Paedophile networks are everywhere and James Alefantis most certainly ran one out of Comet Pizza in DC. However it was more of a shopfront to run the business side of operations. Do you really think a lone gunman just happened to walk in and fire only one shot which went through a door destroying the computer server and records of all associated? It was also a False Flag to demonise all who wanted an investigation. The MSM then used this repeatedly to its advantage.

The worldwide MSM will be exposed as being involved in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up all of the crimes against children.

Unfortunately the cabal is everywhere.

It is here in Australia too and many powerful people are involved.

Thank God for President Trump and the US Military.

Justice will come.

Good vs Evil.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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