Post – 13th July 2019 – A

13 Jul Post – 13th July 2019 – A

Post – 13th July 2019 – A


The 8chan Board Owner (BO) has recently changed on qresearch as the previous one had to leave for RLE (Real Life Events).

Shilling increased to place pressure on the new BO (Fastjack).

In response the BO attempted to simplify each bread (group of posts) by removing the War Room and qproofs.

He/she also wanted to increase post compliance using stringent (time wasting) CAPTCHA.

At the start of each bread was The War Room and qproofs. The War Room tells us what we can do for the cause and qproofs are well um…qproofs for normies.

The changes were causing grievances and quite a stir so Q clarified in post 3416 that the BO should take heed by looking back to an Anons complaint. This was a statement by Q telling the BO to pull his/her head in:


Here are examples of the recent shilling provided in notables:

c07fa1 (1)  No.7008229>>7008253



>>7007467 BO too proud to admit he was wrong

>>7007495 Synopsis of the degradation of QR General (((BO))) glows

>>7007520 (You) Anon calls out BO

>>7007527 Anon tells BO how it is

>>7007534 Anon accuses BO of gaslighting

>>7007544 Anon calls BO a faggot

>>7007548 Anon makes it personal with BO

>>7007549 Anon tells BO he’s fired

>>7007559 Anon tells BO nobody trusts him any more

>>7007560 BO works harder on banning patriot bakers than stopping spammers

>>7007570 Anon decries BO censorship

>>7007577 Anon blames BO for crippling the dough

>>7007586 Anon believes FJ should neck himself

>>7007601 Anon congratulates BO for creating a mutiny situation

>>7007609 Anon thinks BO needs to adapt to the hate.

>>7007613 BO advised to ‘step away’.

>>7007720 Anon claims BO’s days are over

>>7007729 Anon says BO should have reversed course

>>7007741 BO labelled anti-American scumbag

>>7007742 Anon hopes Q will migrate to another board to avoid BO fuckery

>>7007745 Anon notes outrage caused by BO

>>7007627 Mealy-mouthed BO tries to justify fuckery

>>7007787 Anon lays out plan for BO to salvage some respect

>>7007794 BO has sucked since he took over (Anon)

>>7007795 Anon compares BO to ‘New Coke’ CEO.

>>7007802 Call for BO to put things back to how they were

>>7007831 BO branded a shill, defenders try to spin

>>7007851 Notables are important and should be at the top

>>7007850 Anon claims slowjack is over

>>7007857 8bit returns to pick up FJ’s dropped ball

>>7007880 Fastjack going down… Jim next?

>>7007904 Even Tom Hanks things BO is a shill

>>7007917 Fuckedjack headed to Gitmo?

>>7007934 Will BO make namefagging mandatory as next shitful move?

>>7007981 Anon calls for wagers on how long BO will last.

>>7008045 Anon opines – Taking notables out of the breads? Whack ass bullshit.

>>7008050 Anon suspects BO already broken.

>>7008052 Anon claims BO has no respect for anons

>>7008067 BO acting on orders from above?

>>7008094 Anon tells BO to shut his pie-hole.

>>7008099 Q shows his hate for catpcha/BO

>>7008100 Anon dubs BO ‘Fascist Jack’

>>7008116 BO labelled ‘glownigger’.

>>7008125 Anon suggests HRT for BO

>>7008108 Based baker will not adhere to BO’s new rules

>>7008129 BO turned this into a shit sandwich real quick, told to FO

As you can see there is no quarter given on the boards. None at all.

Anyways for anyone following this, I feel it is a contrived problem, that will die down.

There is no way the BO is not on-plan.

The whole charade is to highlight the need for all to check the War Room, qproofs and notables instead of glossing over them.

Many Anons use the notables as a form of substitution for the MSM and even alt-media.

In a sense the notables are a compilation of the most important news stories of the day being fed in by top autists worldwide to the boards in real-time. The cutting edge stuff that is too dangerous for others to touch.

More eyes on these aspects is simply what Q wants us to do.

Don’t worry the notables won’t go.

All good.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor










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