Post – 12th July 2019

12 Jul Post – 12th July 2019

Post – 12th July 2019


Trump tweeted back at the Ritual Satanic Abuse of the Hampstead kids today.

This is was a very clear message that he has the Deep State in his crosshairs and he is ready to unleash righteous revenge. Babylon is falling.

Anons know the intent projected. It was unmistakable.

Let me refresh.

The Hampstead kids were abused as part of a despicable chapter of the Deep State cult in the UK. I blogged in detail on this more than a year ago. The Medical Council of NSW is currently prosecuting me as an “Extremist” to enact full medical deregistration because of this.

My video posted last year was longer but today I shall post the shorter version Trump tweeted at (@eaglelion7) today:

This horrid situation is typical of the modus operandi of the Deep State cabal.

The method is for politicians, businessmen, teachers, judges, doctors, lawyers, solicitors, social workers and psychiatrists/psychologists to combined and undermine child sexual abuse investigations.

This was what occurred at Hampstead. Indeed no investigation occurred despite overwhelming evidence.

The 8chan qresearch board, which is banned in Australia, has just put the medical report of the kids up today which was performed by Dr Harriet Gunn from The University College London Hospital.

The findings show an anal fissure from a blunt penetrating force as well as a perforated eardrum and scars demonstrating “both physical and sexual abuse”. I will not publish the report here.

Despite this positive examination; no police investigation was enacted and the children were taken to the US by the alleged perpetrator.

To top it off a High Court Judge, Mrs Pauffly, made a “Fact finding Judgement” against an “evil” internet campaign exposing the Satanic cult:

Subsequently Westminster politicians then decided to ban the above video in the UK. The whistleblowers in the video above were summarily demonised and suffered career ending retribution by the Deep State.

This is a case study in point about how the system has been curated to take down anyone whom wishes to protect children and expose the secret society cults.

The similarities with The Medical Council of NSW are clear.

We have corrupt politicians, judges, police and doctors here in Australia as well.

It is how the system works.

Thank God for President Trump.

His action today has the Deep State petrified.

Nevertheless we must all do our best.

Patriots fight.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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