Post – 8th July 2019

08 Jul Post – 8th July 2019

Post – 8th July 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and The Medical Council of NSW

This is a very serious post.

As we all know Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New Jersey yesterday. This was only possible because of President Trump’s removal of Deep State blocks at the DOJ and FBI.

This sting is a white hat operation set in place due to the work of Sessions after his appointment by Trump. It is only because of Trump that this whole operation is occurring. It has been planned by the US Military for years.

Those of you whom know of my predicament are well aware that I have blogged extensively, in detail, about the Paedophilia of Deep State elites and Jeffrey Epstein in particular.

I have exhaustively outlined, since early last year, the crimes committed at Little Saint James Island “Epstein Island” and the cover-up by Politicians/MSM. The crimes against children are as bad as imaginably possible.

I have also outlined how elite Politicians/Deep State black hats use paedophilia as a way to control, enmesh and maintain secret societies which enables them to enforce power over us.

Those of you whom read my blog will also know that The Medical Council of NSW have removed my Right to Practice Medicine and bankrupted me because I have used freedom of speech to whistleblow against the Deep State and their paedophilia networks.

Previously I have very accurately stated that The Council had a propensity for paedophile protection.

Now the situation is escalating.

If indictments against Epstein are unsealed and prosecutions of elite Politicians and Deep State assets occurs – then The Medical Council of NSW and associates are actual/factual proven paedophile protectors.

Terrifyingly the entire case used to destroy me, by The Council, consisted entirely of their will to silence my political views.

The central aspect, that they acted against, was my support of QAnon and desire to expose the paedophile elites worldwide.

Let me repeat that again.

I was labelled psychotic/paranoid, denied the right to practice medicine and bankrupted because The Council wanted to silence me with regard to whistleblowing elite paedophiles networks.

Now everything that Q and I have said about elite paedophiles is being vindicated.

Anyone reading this, excepting the Deep State, MUST be sickened by the political actions of this criminal entity.

Repulsively, The Council is proceeding for FULL medical deregistration.

They are now not even bothering to hide the fact that they are prosecuting me for my political opinion.

Indeed the only stated basis they have for such an unprecedented political act is that I am an “Extremist”.

Yes; these people whom have removed my career, financially crippled me forever and labelled me psychotic/paranoid for my Political whistleblowing/Journalism against elite paedophiles are now prosecuting me for being an “Extremist”.

Seriously you can’t make this stuff up. It has been hell.

I am now being officially prosecuted for FULL medical deregistration for being an “Extremist”. The Council knows full well that I am completely sane. Therefore it is essential for them to add this caveat to ensure deregistration.

How is it even possible to defend against such unadulterated drivel?

They are making it up as they go along to get the result they need.

If you are a Doctor do you find this acceptable? Seriously?

The Medical Council of NSW clearly has no ability to self reflect and understand that indeed THEY are the true EXTREMISTS!

They are FASCISTS whom HATE free speech and can not tolerate opinion counter to their own sick views.

As all Patriots know – the Government, Politicians and MSM have completely silenced any exposure of paedophile networks.

It is hardly surprising that The Council acts to protect the Deep State. They are a vital chokepoint for paedophilia exposure which must be controlled.

Once again, if there are convictions of Deep State elites for crimes against children, then The Council is a Paedophile Protection enforcing Government Department.

The Medical Council of NSW will become Australia’s “Epstein Island”.

Dark to Light.

Good vs Evil.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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