Post – 28th June 2019 – A

28 Jun Post – 28th June 2019 – A

Post – 28th June 2019 – A


Today, an 8chan Anon discovered, we have had confirmation that Japan is in the Alliance and committed to taking down the Deep State.

It was a great pickup, completed by tracking Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s tweets.

As you know a couple of days ago I firmly put Japan on the Alliance side of the ledger, however we now have a further Q proof, which adds to the blindingly obvious geopolitical reality.

Lets go back one month ago when President Trump was visiting Japan.

At that time Q posted the following (3348):

Image result for q post 3348

Here Q was inferring that the Japanese people were beginning to become aware of the #greatawakening despite the language barriers.

This photo accompanied the post (Where’s Wally – the Q sign?):

We know that Q has recently told us more Q proofs were coming.

In a sense Q was setting us up for the following Q comms from Prime Minister Abe:

BOOM! Prime Minister Abe is on board the Q train.

Translation from the tweet (numbers 4-10-20 seem intended): @AbeShinzo   April 27

In the summit meeting yesterday, a dinner for only 4 people, and today’s golf together with President Trump for over 10 hours, we will deal with the North Korean issue, the economy, the G20 Osaka Summit and even world affairs. I was able to talk in detail about various issues.

DJT = 4,10,20

There is no way that the Japanese Prime Minister is not aware of Q and the importance of the US Military dissemination program.

This was a perfect use of Q comms and a valid proof with Japanese attention to detail.

The Deep State knows their empire is lost.

Tough cookies.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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