Post – 27th June 2019

27 Jun Post – 27th June 2019

Post – 27th June 2019


Some interesting developments in the exposure of Facebook are starting to hit underground channels.

Lets recap the origins of Facebook in Q post 2989:

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As we know Facebook was NOT a Mark Zuckerberg creation.

It was a CIA/DARPA Deep State rogue Pentagon mass mindcontrol operation. It originated as Lifelog and magically morphed into Facebook on 04/02/04:

zuckerberg lifelog facebook

Since then it has been the greatest propaganda asset of the Deep State Identity Politics agenda to implement the NWO.

We all knew that Q would release this information at some point in order to regain freedom for the world.

Many believed this would be achieved through litigation against bias in the courts. However most Patriots know that exposing the whole rot from its get-go would be most effective.

It is NOT a private company, it is a publically built and weaponised rogue military asset. Hence it has NO right to overtly discriminate against Conservative opinion and algorithmically target them.

We have discussed the formation of Facebook at length here last year but not in the incredible depth that has just been released by the ‘American Intelligence Media’ website today.

To be fair, I do not rate the website particularly highly, as it has provided what I would call disinformation in the past. However on occasion, if you do not tire of the pomposity, it can reveal some nuggets of truth.

The following article contains a so-called letter from Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommate. It is relatively easy to work out that it is implying the protagonist as Christopher Hughes.

The authenticity of the “Zuckerberg Dossier” has not been verified and may never be so. It however contains very detailed information which suggests that it is an accurate ‘leak’ or a well compiled amalgamation of insider evidence intended for public research and eventual exposure. Either way it is a HUGE development.

I can not exclude that it is straight up disinfo at this stage; but this seems a low probability.

It is well and truly worth your time to read.

The MSM will NEVER give you this type of information because it is a direct threat to them.

Herein lies the “Zuckerberg Dossier” (please cut and paste into your browser – start reading at – To Every Facebook User):


This document/letter may be found to be a forgery, but nevertheless the information is explosive and will become viral amongst Patriots.

It will cause panic and mistakes for the Deep State.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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