Post – 26th June 2019

26 Jun Post – 26th June 2019

Post – 26th June 2019


The white hated Alliance is in control and is coasting downhill in the war against the Deep State.

This shadow war has been won and we are seeing the only remnant left of the Deep State, that of the MSM, completely flailing. Often hilariously so.

There is no cohesive strategy that the Deep State appears to have for the real battleground, which is the hearts and minds of the American people. Every tactic they attempt to use has been backfiring and it seems they are now becoming demoralised.

For those of us who are schooled in the machinations of the Deep State we can see that their former ability to construct narratives is lost. Indeed the reason they are losing so badly is because the power that they could wield has gone. The top down strings are cut. The Soros/Rothschild’s/House of Saud triumvirate has been defeated. Its done.

America was always going to be critical. Sure the Deep State still controls the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. However, as I have mentioned so many times before, the core Alliance of the US, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil and India is just too strong.

We have won and we are just seeing a Military controlled slow take down by 1000 cuts.

Interestingly the boards have shifted in mood. The shills have no direction and only exist to obstruct, they clearly know their actions are in vain and defeat is inevitable.

The shadow war has long been won and all in the know understand this.

Let’s go back a few months and look at this short Q video which is even more relevant now:

No question we have won.

Hannity and Tucker Carlson are revealing more and more of the pieces of this jigsaw every day. It is all planned with precision. The legal evidence against the Deep State has been timed to come out in a step-wise fashion to slowly educate the public and lay the ground for the next stages – that of arrests.

Their will be no successful countermeasures by the Deep State they literally have nothing left and no infrastructure to utilise. More and more will flip behind the scenes.

When will we take down the Deep State here in Australia?

Honestly it is up to us. It may take up to a few years after America. They have done the work there whilst we have not even started.

Eventually our criminals will be exposed. Nothing can stop it. The Australian people will demand justice. Let us do everything we can to awaken Patriots worldwide and then get down to business here.

It looks like Samantha Power is about to be exposed in the next few days. Just another in the many puzzle pieces coming together.

President Trump has stated very clearly that a major “pleasant” surprise is coming in the next week. I doubt we will be disappointed.

Don’t worry about Iran. The MSM just don’t get it. It’s North Korea all over again. Lots of bellicose statements and then peace. The deal has been done.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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