Post – 20th June 2019

20 Jun Post – 20th June 2019

Post – 20th June 2019


Apologies for the formatting issues yesterday. The blog was unreadable in parts.

Similarly the video often won’t fit on the page. This problem will unfortunately likely continue.

I hope the content outweighs the wordpress blog limitations.

Anyways President Trump had a great interview with Sean Hannity hours ago.

Trump hypothesised that Obama had tapped his phone and spied upon him.

POTUS is, as always, trying to give the impression that he is separate from the investigations for optics. Hence he won’t give conclusive answers and awaits definitive Judicial findings.

However remember, Trump NEVER makes accusations, which are not later proven true.

With that in mind lets see an excerpt from the interview:

Sean Hannity: One good question I want answered is did Italy, did Great Britain, did Australia, were they outsourcing intelligence gathering, high ranking people, not rank and file, to spy on American citizens and circumvent American laws?

President Trump: And Ukraine! Take a look at Ukraine!


We know that Hannity is discussing the FBI/CIA and is making the distinction that the regular rank and file are honest, in contrast to the elites, whom made the criminal decisions.

We also know, via Q, that Five Eyes was used to circumvent US laws to spy on Trump. Hence subverting the 2016 election, caretaker period and subsequent Presidency.

Sadly this is not a surprise to Patriots at all.

Spying did occur.

Here is the relevant video:

So The President of The United States of America does not disagree that Australia was involved in spying on him.

What – you didn’t hear it on the ABC tonight?


I thought the Deep State MSM was fair and balanced.

There is no way they would just let THAT slip by…..


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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