Post – 19th June 2019 – B

19 Jun Post – 19th June 2019 – B

Post – 19th June 2019 – B



Another massive Q proof!

You will never hear about this on the ABC.

Today, Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch, has revealed that his FOI requests have revealed that Killary sent 33,000 classified emails to China!

A forensic analysis demonstrated this.

This is exact conformation of Q posts from last year. Exact!

Just contemplate the gravity of what Killary has now been proven to have done.

She set up a private email server which was the “internet equivalent of a public park bench”.

This was done as a pay to play scheme so that the Chinese could “infiltrate” (Q post 1960) the emails and get them sent back to China.

Tom says a Chinese company entered the server and cc’ed all her emails back to them.

Q Post 1959:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 35a7f2 No.2771818 📁


Trending Non-MSM… China hacked HRC server?
Access was granted.
You have more than you know.

We know this company was actually Chinese Intelligence.

So every email the Secretary of State (Killary) was in possession of was sent to Chinese Intelligence.

The National Security implications were of course profound. 18 agents in China were eliminated and China got plans for Military Aircraft and a myriad of other classified intel. This will come out in time.

The Clinton Foundation acquired kickbacks with Chinese payments. CrowdStrike set up the server.


Tom Fitton’s documents show that the FBI/CIA knew her emails were going to China and did nothing.

The enormity of the crime meant that this non-action was Treason.

Obviously the action in creating the server was also Treason.

State Department announces multiple individuals culpable in the State Department over Hillary Clintons classified material violations


News just in.

A letter from the State Department to senator Grassley today states that 15 people have been deemed to be criminally liable for violations involving Killary’s emails.

Do you reckon Killary is one of those?

Hint – it involves current and FORMER employees of the State Department.

This is huge.

It means evidence of Killary’s crimes are not only being investigated but adverse findings have been reached.

The MSM can’t report it because they are in on it.

Enjoy the Show!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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