Post – 15th June 2019

15 Jun Post – 15th June 2019

Post – 15th June 2019



A few hours ago the Rodger Stone trial exploded!

All Patriots were waiting for discovery on how the FBI determined that Russia hacked the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

We knew the precipitating document for the hoax would need to be injected into evidence at the behest of Stone.

That’s why Stone’s trial was always going to be so so significant.

As you all know, the DNC ‘hack’ was done by a thumb drive. I have been through the mathematical evidence provided by the former NSA analysis head, Bill Binney, in depth more than one year ago. Similarly we all knew that it was the insider, Seth Rich, who downloaded/leaked the data – and likely was then killed by MS-13 on the orders of Debbie Washerman Schultz and Killary. Money transfers back this up after the hit.

Thus, discovery of the computer evidence, of why the FBI blamed the ‘hack’ on Russia, was always going to be very very interesting indeed.

So what was the result today?

Nothing! There was no evidence provided!!!!!

The whole Russia Russia Russia BS was predicated on a LIE!

Here is a synopsis just in by Sundance on CTH:

To summarise. Hillary refused to provide the FBI with the DNC server and then erased the evidence. She then used her computer company, Crowdstrike, to provide a report to the FBI which apparently said that the Russians did the ‘hack’.

Roger Stone has now uncovered that the report was only a draft, which was redacted and then the final report was destroyed. So no computer evidence was provided to the FBI supporting the Russia Collusion narrative of emails being given to Wikileaks!

The evil Trump was supposed to be in cahoots with Putin and got Russia to ‘hack’ the DNC so that Killary’s emails could be sent to Wikileaks……

Major Major Major Oops!

The FBI had no evidence. They agreed with Killary’s lawyers that none was necessary and then they labelled Russia and by extension Trump guilty! The MSM said 17 agencies had verified the Russians as responsible! Total BS.

Holy smokes!

Comey is toast and many in the FBI are complicit.

Obviously Crowdstrike could NOT produce evidence because there was none.

They had no alternative than to cover up that none existed.

You can’t produce computer fingerprints if they were never made.

I guess this really turned out the only way it could.

We knew they needed to fabricate evidence; but in the end they just decided not to actually provide any at all.

There will be legal repercussions here and prosecutions. The Deep State FBI was totally corrupt.

Stone will be found not guilty and will win megabucks.

Remember when Stone had machine guns pointed at his face as the FBI frogmarched him out of his house at 4.00am?

Payback time!

The MSM completely turned the other way and refused to hold Killary to account for obstructing the investigation and refusing examination of the server.

So what is next?

Enter Bill Binney, Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange to further validate that the ‘hack’ mathematically was by an insider via a thumbdrive.

This will be done.

The order and time/place of the reveals are a part of The Show.

The MSM will be exposed as crooks, when all this info has been available for years and they covered it all up!

Q has been right all along and my interpretation of the evidence has as well.

It was a total hoax and a treasonous coup d’état.

Eventually the MSM will need to report this. It ain’t going away.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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