Post – 14th June 2019 – C

14 Jun Post – 14th June 2019 – C

Post – 14th June 2019 – C

continued from B

Fast forward to this week.

Just four days ago Fleet Street told UK readers that Hezbollah had 3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in London in late 2015.


The UK finally tells it’s citizens that they were going to be blown to smithereens almost four years ago!

Why now?

Because Trump knew and met May last week and he has all the leverage over them (think spygate).

He told her you can’t keep this quiet any longer and I want the people to know the truth. So MI5 ordered Fleet Street to fess up.

So what is the UK Government’s official reason for hiding 3 tonnes of major league explosives?

You guessed it. They didn’t want to risk the IND; which was so important to them.

Reality – in other words Westminster elites wanted their payout thank you very much.

More important to have pommy bodybags than can a lucrative deal.

Now what happened today?

Two ships were hit in the Gulf of Oman – with landmines or torpedos.

Cui Bono?

Not Trump. He has built a reputation on bringing peace.

His supporters and Patriots the world over will not accept a war with Iran. His task has been to painstakingly remove the Deep State so that wars are stopped.

Essentially the Deep State elites in Iran need a war.

The Deep State elites in the UK/French/German Government need war.

The Deep State elites in America need war.

Get the picture.

This was a false flag to corner Trump into war. A Gulf of Tonkin Mark II.

He is weak if he ignores the provocation and he is a warmonger if he engages.

Who did it?

Who knows?

Iran? UK? France? Germany? Anti-Netanyahu Deep State assets in Israel? Rogue-CIA? Australia?

I’ll go with Iran – as Pompeo has just assumed so.

Anyways, the only reaction MUST be diplomatic. Patriots are so close to total takedown of the Deep State that patience is vital. Trump will NOT be provoked so easily. He will order more hardware into the Straights of Hormuz to keep shipping safe but that ought be all.

Patriots have discussed this very scenario at length since last year. It was always seen as a possible Deep State option as closing down shipping in and of itself could cause massive economic impact. This would be blamed by the MSM on Trump for imposing sanctions again.

When full DECLAS hits and all Deep State crimes are exposed then Iran will sort itself out internally as a natural consequence. Patience is required and expert diplomacy.

Speaking of diplomacy, John Kerry is looking at gaol time for Logan Act violations. He has been directly negotiating with the Iranians and telling them to ignore Trump and wait until the Deep State takes him out. Private citizens can not negotiate against the interests and orders of elected officials. He will be found guilty of Treason. These events will highlight this.

Anyways, you should have noticed the following from Q Post 2807:

Do funds return in the form of political donations?
Do funds return in the form of massive donations to ‘FOUNDATIONS’ and/or ‘INSTITUTES’?
Do funds return in the form of offshore bank accounts for future payments/payoffs?
Replicate: Environment (‘Green’), AID assist, etc.

You will now understand why I have been writing to Australian Politicians and MSM here about our hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation (for AIDS and the environment). I demanded an Audit and an explanation of where the funds actually went. They all refused to reply. Can you say kickbacks?

What about our Uranium deal with Rosatom?

We have much work to do here Patriots.

Strange that the Liberal Party and The Medical Council of NSW needed to shut me down and silence Q.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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