Post – 14th June 2019 – A

14 Jun Post – 14th June 2019 – A

Post – 14th June 2019 – A


Two very important pieces of material evidence to look for in the near future:

1) That there was a recording made by Alexander Downer of his conversation with George Papadopoulos. This was made by Downer using his phone which he took to the London pub meeting. This recording was also transcribed. If the transcript was hidden and has now become available then it may have damning evidence.

If Papadopoulos did not mention that he was told by Mifsud of Trump getting Russian ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton then AD/Australia are in a world of trouble. Similarly if Papadopoulos discusses how he is worried about being entrapped into committing TREASON then things escalate to the stratosphere. It would mean the whole attempted coup d’état was verifiably based on fraud.

2) If there exists an email trail amongst Obama/Clapper/Comey/Rice/Brennan etc which outlines the whole plot to entrap Trump with the Russian Collusion Hoax and also spy upon him; then they are indeed in a world of pain. Hangings of all will result.

Remember Q says the NSA ‘has it all’. Patriots may well have some Trump cards here.

Reading between the lines of information at hand/sources, these scenarios are very likely. Lets wait and see.

I must repeat again – I do NOT support the death penalty. However it is what it is.

Anyways back to the Stephen Boyd letter from the DOJ which I posted on my last blog.

This letter is the REAL deal. The importance of the letter can NOT be understated.

We now know that the prosecutions by Durham will be broad and far reaching. All scandals will be subject to Justice. This is huge and the Deep State are terrified. It was also a signal worldwide to Patriots that the Q Team have been completely correct and actions are underway – certain proof of the reckoning in process.

I really don’t want to discuss their panic. However to demonstrate their demise and to demoralise them it is necessary to do so.

Immediately prior to the suicide of Hillary’s brother, he was given a subpoena by Durham to testify for the Clinton Foundation. Everyone knows he was complicit in the most heinous human rights abuses as well as industrial money laundering. He personally oversaw the child sex trafficking of Haitian kids. He really had few options. The death is currently under investigation. This investigation is not being reported by the MSM.

Subsequent to the almost certain suicide, many elite Deep State Politician’s began tweeting out references to the Californian Police Code for suicide – the number 56. This is slang for suicide just as 187 is for murder.

Why did they do this?

The reputation of the Deep State is that their actions are to be feared. They are presumed to fight to the end.

They do NOT want their co-conspirators to just give up and become demoralised.

Their comms have been cut by the Q Team last year – see my posts. They therefore only have twitter to communicate amongst themselves. They would consider it pitiful that they are reduced to this now.

Check out Bette Midler’s (Deep State royalty) recent appeal to wear orange. She means don’t top yourself just fight and go to gaol. If you look through her account you will notice that she has also called for an assassination against Trump. Many Patriots have noticed it. Trump tweeted that she was caught. No doubt the Marines had a chat.

To summarise things are progressing quickly now. The Deep State now knows they have lost with absolute certainty.

The Horrowitz OIG Report has been delayed until July due to extra evidence. In a sense this is good news, just delays the inevitable.

More info on Flynn having been entrapped is coming out. He has retained new counsel. He will be fully cleared as I have said since early last year.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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