Post – 8th June 2019 – B

08 Jun Post – 8th June 2019 – B

Post – 8th June 2019 – B


As we know Q has been quiet for a week or so.

However Q’s attack is progressing with increasing momentum.

Every day there is more and more detailed evidence of Deep State crimes coming out.

Hannity (FOX) is at the forefront in piecing this constant deluge together, whilst Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch), is providing the current documentation.

The American public is slowly being shown that the Mueller probe was a criminal enterprise designed to launch a Deep State coup d’état. This turn is being rapidly reflected in polling on the Russian Collusion Hoax.

The evidence is incontrovertible and massive. Everything Q has said is being gradually exposed.

There is zero chance that this process can be stopped now.

The criminal MSM in America is being humiliated in real time. They are rapidly losing audience share and have no weapons left. It is happening. The atmosphere has changed. No doubt. They are arguing amongst themselves due to the pressure. Many are losing their will to fight and some are even trying to backtrack to save their glutei maximi.

Trump is building a platform before bring down the house with the OIG Report and DECLAS.

This is going all the way to Killary/Obama and their controllers.

The truth about the framing of General Flynn is starting to emerge.

All the crimes we have covered and Q has outlined will come out.

Arrests WILL happen.

No question we are witnessing history.

Barr/Huber/Horowitz and Durham have it all.

Q has been correct every step of the way. Of this, there can be no dispute.

The pain is now openly apparent to all.

The avalanche will arrive when the Q team is ready.

When it arrives, it will hit with Military precision.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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