Post – 8th July 2019 – A

08 Jun Post – 8th July 2019 – A

Post – 8th July 2019 – A


As you may recall from my last post a few days ago, I postulated that the recent AFP raids were psyops, to intimidate against Patriots exposing ASD spying; with the Deep State well aware #Spygate is about to explode.

The question I posed, which I suggested the MSM was required to ask, or words to the effect was –

Did the ASD, or has the ASD, ever used warrantless untraceable spying upon Australian Citizens?

I decided to wait before blogging again to see what the Australian MSM would do.

Hence I needed to read all the main newspapers and watch the evening news channels including the ABC in the intervening time.

This was no easy matter. I would normally prefer to vomit blood, but I did manage to soldier through.

So what did I find?

Absolutely nothing.

The Australian MSM was completely and totally disinterested in whether there actually was or continues to be any illegal spying on Australian Citizens.

Image my surprise.

The best I found was one paragraph in each of three newspapers.

What did they say?

Words to the effect of:

Our sources tell us….

The information provided to us…..

Government contacts inform us…..

etc etc etc

….that the ASD has not spied on Australian Citizens.

And that is the extent of information provided to the Australian public about the entire instigation of the whole shemozzle.

You beaut.

No demands by Journalists for the ASD/AFP Heads and our PM/Defence Minister to give unequivocal answers on spying. No protests outside their offices. No appeals that the opposition provide oversight. Nothing.

Instead, what did the MSM inform us about?

They gave minute details about how draws, sewing kits and books were turned over. They gasped about how the poor snowflakes at the ABC were so traumatised. They also deified second by second tweets from the brave lawyer being confronted by police. Great stuff.


End result of said psyop was the following:

Intimidation of Patriotic whisteblowers and Government leakers of Deep State crimes.

Intimidation of Patriotic Journalists whom may have been given evidence of Deep State crimes.

Demonstration by the Deep State/AFP to all Citizens that the MSM will cover up spying at all costs.

Partial disclosure of spying to mitigate if ever fully exposed – hey, we thought you guys all knew! You didn’t seem to care! We thought we had your consent!


As an aside did you notice how David McBride, the Afghanistan whistlebower, stated that one Journalist refused to publish his information and the ABC wrote a completely different story to the information he provided. Nice.

Also as an aside, have you noticed how Annika Smethurst has been a great gatekeeper. Plays the victim really well. Excellent history of being a Politically Correct media darling with Walkleys to boot. Does she ask the tough questions? Was she charged? Can you say limited hangout?

Anyways, none of this is surprising if you know how the Deep State operates.

Unfortunately our country has been lost for a long long time.

Our only chance to drain the swamp here, is for President Trump to clean house, and wait for transpacific osmosis.

As Q says our time will come.

You don’t need to stomp smurfs.

Be patient, but work.

Do your best to spread the QAnon message according to your circumstances.

We will win.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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