Post – 5th June 2019 – A

05 Jun Post – 5th June 2019 – A

Post – 5th June 2019 – A


Do you really think the MSM is giving you the full picture on the recent AFP raids?


Lets go back in time and run through chronological events to paint the real canvas.

1. The ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) used Echelon/Prism and Five Eyes from the 1980’s to circumvent Australian Law and spy on our Citizens.

You may need to read my blogs from one year ago on Echelon/Prism/Five Eyes if you haven’t heard of these secret programs. These programs used plausible deniability and co-operation with our allies to engage in non-fingerprint spying on Deep State domestic enemies here.

2. In the early years of the Obama Presidency (approximately 2008), the HAMR supercomputer was set up by Clapper/Brennan to spy on Americans illegally against the first amendment.

3. Prior to Trump winning the Presidency and also after he won; Operation Crossfire Hurricane/The Russian Collusion Hoax and the Fraudulent Mueller Special Council were enacted to hide HAMR and stage a coup d’état.

4. On April 29th 2018 Annika Smethurst penned an article in the Daily Telegraph outlining a plan to remove the civil liberties of all Australians by allowing unfettered secret spying using the ASD.

This plan would allow two Politicians, whom would be from the same Party in Government, to authorise untraceable spying on anyone they wished. In other words the Defence Minister and the Home Affairs Minister could ask the ASD to spy on an Australian Citizen if they though it appropriate. No warrant would be required.

Previously, the Attorney General would need to asked by the AFP for a warrant and ASIO/ASIS would do the wiretapping. Thus the Judiciary and the Top Police Officer – would provide oversight and a train of paperwork.

5. The AFP raided Annika Smethurst’s home yesterday looking for information as to who leaked the power grabbing plan.

6. The ABC was raided today ostensibly for intel on leaks regarding torture in Afghanistan.


Now lets link this in with our knowledge from Q that #Spygate is about to be blown open with DECLAS of Five Eye spying by the UK (with AUS assisting) on Trump as well as our role using Alexander Downer in the Steele Dossier.

Also lets not forget my postulation that our Pollies and Intelligence Agencies could possibly have an AUSHAMR here used against Patriots.

Additionally we need to VERY closely read the ASD statement released days after the Smethurst article in April 2018.

Here are the relevant lines:

There is no proposal to increase the ASD’s powers to collect intelligence on Australians or to covertly access their private data. (eg: There was a plan for us to have unfettered spying but it either has been completed or we just stopped it today idiots)

The ASD’s cyber security function is being enhanced under laws establishing the organisation as an independent statutory agency within Defence. (we are just setting up our spying under something else, nothing to see here Citizen, move along)

The ASD functions entail protecting Australians from cyber-enabled crime and cyber attacks, and not collecting intelligence on Australians. (we aint going to say whether we are spying, just what our functions are supposed to be sunshine)

Do you get it?

FACT – ASD has been spying on us for decades via our allies using Five Eyes.

FACT – ASD had a plan to remove all our civil liberties and spy on us – they got caught red-handed.

FACT –  The ASD has not denied that there is an AUSHAMR.


So the critical question the MSM should ask the ASD and our Politicians is –


Have you heard anyone from the MSM ask this directly?


It won’t happen. Unbelievable. The Deep State has total control here.

So what was the real purpose of the raid?

INTIMIDATION. Do NOT ask the above question!

The raid was a Psyop to put pressure on any whistleblowers who will want to ask the serious questions when #Spygate really hits.

The MSM is just here to cover up everything at all costs.

The Afghanistan thing and Journalistic freedoms, whilst both vital, are just smokescreens to the main game for them.

The Deep State here is terrified.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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