Post – 5th June 2019 – B

05 Jun Post – 5th June 2019 – B

Post – 5th June 2019 – B


The Mueller Report is about to be ripped apart and shown to be a total fraud.

Everything Q has said is coming out.

The Coup D’état is going to be laid bare very soon.

Yesterday Mueller’s star witness has been charged as a Paedophile and Mueller has been caught doctoring Trumps lawyers testimony.

Just wait until Julian Assange and Bill Binney show a thumbdrive was used to download the DNC data and Mueller NEVER tried to interview them!

The whole Mueller probe was a complete hoax. The methods he used will become infamous in history. A pantomime villain.

Get ready for The Show.

As for Steele; he is heading for a world of pain.

He has just agreed to be interviewed by Durham, who can prosecute the hell out of him.

Obviously Steele has made a plea bargain and will hence avoid the noose – just.

Steele was always going to be extradited so he had no choice. He will sing and sing and sing.

Mueller will look like a mule for not interviewing him.

Case closed on the Russian Collusion Delusion and case opened on the Coup D’état.

UK and Australia are begging for clemency.

The Deep State is panicking.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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