Post – 26th May 2019 – B

26 May Post – 26th May 2019 – B

Post – 26th May 2019 – B


This is going to be BIG!

Potentially this story will be a BLOCKBUSTER!

To get through it I am going to quote from www.thegatewaypundit and

Obviously Joe Hoff from TGP is a fine researcher and has many runs on the board. TGP has similarly been one of the world’s true old fashioned quality news resources. Neonrevolt is a semi-anonymous blogger of Patriotic Jewish American background, who I have followed for years. He has landed many scoops and writes wonderfully. However this story may be his best yet. Give both of these guys some love if you can, particularly Neon on GAB who broke this story with some great investigative work at source.

You will not read about this in the MSM and it is only just beginning to get traction on alternative sites.

To me the whole shebang rings true. Granted it is early days though.


So here are the readings which will be required:



Essentially the whole Italy caper seems to be much deeper than just setting up Papadopoulos with Mifsud using MI6 and the FBI/CIA.

Much deeper.

I shall quote from Neon:

“Members of Italian intelligence were approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and the Deep State in order to frame Trump by PLANTING EVIDENCE on American servers to force Trump to step down from office.

In other words, members of Italian intelligence found a target in Occhionero, a Republican-sympathizer who had two servers for his company, Westland Securities, located in America. One was in Washington State, and the other in West Virginia.

The plan was for Italian Intelligence to hack into these servers, plant classified emails from Hillary’s servers inside these servers on American soil, and then alert the FBI.

The FBI would then raid these locations, “discover” these e-mails, investigate, link these servers to Trump…

And then force Trump to resign.”




If true – this is another COUP DÉTAT attempt with half of Italy going down as well.

The multiple spook sackings by the incoming Patriotic Italian Government makes so much more sense now.

Once again Killary and Obama are front and centre. They needed to take risks and seem to have fallen short yet again.

As we have discussed for over one year, it is well known that Killary had her server wide open so that it could be hacked for pay-to-play. We also know that the HAMR had the potential for dirt insertion to bring down Patriots. So planting fake evidence to bring down a President is easily possible. Hell they did it with the fake Russian Hoax.

Obviously there was a white hat double agent somewhere inside this whole botched overthrow attempt of President Trump.

I reckon Mueller/Rosenstein were in on it and outed the plan to the US Military. Hence the raid failed.

If this is all documented and remember Q says “we have it all” then there will be a number of people with spaghetti legs today.

One can only hope Australia was not involved, because I reckon the UK via NATO, would have certainly been in it – if this Italian trick is legit.

This Occhionero has some balls. He must have US Military protection. If he didn’t the Mafioso would leg him with a metal ball and chain at the bottom of the Tiber.

If William Barr has this info and releases it via DECLAS then well……..all hell will really break loose in DC!

The remarkable thing is that Q knew about it in November 2017:

So Q knew about:

Operation Charlemagne – the whole Italian assist in a COUP attempt

The Silent Ones – those Italians whom were involved and stayed silent

Eye Pyramid – remote access spear-phishing Trojan malware that extracts data from target computers (in Italy and the US)

– all back in November 2017!

This Q Proof is significant.

Investigators in the US Military have had plenty of time to compile evidence and provide it to Barr.

Also remember Papadopoulos keeps tweeting that Italy totally flipped.

Wow – its adding up.

@g_occhionero is saying the spying was even more comprehensive than mentioned. Keep an eye on his feed.

Great thing is that Anons will be digging on the Boards very soon.

MSM will try to mask this any way they can. Similarly they would have forced resignation of Trump had Charlemagne worked.

Lets get this material out there and see where it goes.

We need to know what our Government knew about Charlemagne and when they knew it.

Once again this is potentially BIG.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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