Post – 25th May 2019 – C

25 May Post – 25th May 2019 – C

Post – 25th May 2019 – C


Is there a HAMR here?

This question is about as important as it gets with regard to our sovereignty in Australia.

We have discussed the HAMR on this blog at length since last year but lets recap.

Operation HAMMER, codename HAMR is a system whereby plugins are thrown at your personal computer, ipad, iphone, smartTV and work computer. The information extracted is stored/collated at a central supercomputer and then fed to Deep State elites for blackmail and pay-to-play services. Bank account, emails, texts, phone conversations, chats, video’s and even encrypted information are taken. Patriots can also be framed, by the Deep State insertion of such stuff as kiddie porn, to compromise or convict.

Obama, Clapper and Brennan had their own HAMR which was going to be given to Killary once she took over in 2016. There were many Deep Staters below these criminals who were also aware of and used the HAMR for their own needs.

A true Stalinist totalitarian control of society.

Ostensibly this system was invented to be used for Foreign surveillance, but the Deep State hijacked the geeks and spooks to use it for themselves. Hence it was a Private domestic Big Brother spying operation. Illegal and treasonous under the first amendment. This means a capital offense.

The DECLAS will expose the HAMR and bring down many of these criminals.

The difference with Five Eyes spying was that in a sense there was a little more oversight and a paper trail required for FVEY surveillance. My understanding is that this paper trail was often overlooked however. Thus HAMR was a far more powerful and secretive system than asking another FVEY country to do the spying for them – to skirt US laws.

HAMR could also be used as a scattergun approach to trawl for dirt on millions of Americans rather than individual tracking. It was used for individuals but it was also used to target millions of innocent Americans too. When this becomes public not even the corrupt MSM will be able to hide the criminality.

However the question for us, as Australians, is obvious – does our own Deep State using an AUSHAMR?

In other words are there Deep State elites who are using the HAMR technology, about to be exposed by William Barr, on innocent Australians?

How can we know? The criminals in the Deep State here sure as hell would never tell us.

They know if we found out, then they would be spending an inordinate amount of time, in accommodation less salubrious than they are accustomed; and with company from social circles they would not normally associate.

ASIO/ASIS are pure Deep State at the top so they would hide it as well.

Now since the technology has been around since 2008 then it would not be particularly cutting edge stuff. Nevertheless there would be a high inherent value to the system. Hence HAMR could easily be reproduced in another country if the money was right.

Would Obama or Killary sell technology for personal gain?

Stupid question.

So it is possible that a AUSHAMR exists in Australia operated by a Deep State elite in secret.

Whence, how could we garner discovery?

As much as we might like to waterboard Brennan and co, it ain’t happening.

Thus perhaps the only way to catch an AUSHAMR would be to ask Trump, Nunes or Barr to investigate.

Maybe the NSA or US Military knows or has leads.

A Citizen Petition to them perhaps may be the best way to go.

Maybe even an immunity deal for the first person or group of people to expose an AUSHAMR here.

One thing for sure though, is that the Australian MSM will NEVER entertain such questions as the existence of an AUSHAMR, even when the HAMR is revealed by Barr. They will obfuscate at all costs.

The possibility of an AUSHAMR may be low but the consequences for our democracy would be grave.

It will be up to us to investigate.

Remember we are the news now.

Oh and did I forget to say that Five Eyes needs to be completely overhauled?

Well it does, and not by The Deep State, but by us.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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