Post – 25th May 2019 – B

25 May Post – 25th May 2019 – B

Post – 25th May 2019 – B


As I have mentioned previously two elite staff members of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists called the police to have me stopped from handing out leaflets in a public footpath with views they didn’t want others to see.

The police interviewed me for 20-30 minutes in front of hundreds of my Colleagues and decided that RANZCP had made inappropriate and illegal demands. The police did nothing to me and left. They explained that I had full rights to continue what I was doing as long as I wished. The next day RANZCP continued to stalk me in public areas.

I wrote to RANZCP and requested an apology for their actions.

Here is my email written two hours after the police had interviewed me:



Facts of occurrences today (13th May 2019):
1. I attended a public space on the footpath many meters away from The Cairns Conference Centre (from 7.30am to 845am).
2. I handed out leaflets pertaining to issues of a material matter between The Medical Council of NSW and me, which is of significant interest to College Fellows.
3. During my legal leaflet distribution, two members, of the RANZCP staff, approached two very pleasant young German tourists on working holiday visas, who were distributing leaflets for their medical company boss.
4. One of these young German ladies was told by RANZCP staff that they should immediately cease leaflet distribution; and that the police as well as conference security had been called. They were shocked as they were not breaking any laws and were in public areas.
5. These young ladies were told by their boss to continue to distribute as they were legally entitled to do so. Hence they continued.
6. At roughly 8.15am two polite police officers approached me in a public area and asked me why I was handing out leaflets. I politely told them it was a complex issue and I would rather not discuss it.
7. The police informed me they had been observing me from a distance of 50 metres, for 15 minutes.
8. The police informed me that RANZCP staff had made a complaint against me because of the content of the material I was distributing. They also said that RANZCP staff wanted me to stop.
9. The police went back 50 metres and obtained a leaflet, I believe, from a RANZCP staff member.
10. The police clearly stated that they were called with regard to me and not the young German ladies.
11. The police then came back to me and said they had read my leaflet.
12. The police said they had no issue at all with my leaflet.
13. The police said that they would not stop me from distributing the leaflet as I was compliant with the law.
14. The police said they had taken a random sample of people who received the leaflet and were informed that I was polite and courteous.
15. The police informed me that the staff from RANZCP also wanted me to be assessed for my mental health as they thought it was warranted.
16. I continued to distribute the leaflets. I was well dressed in jeans, ding boots and a business shirt.
17. I informed the police that I would be distributing the leaflets again tomorrow. They said that would be fine.
18. The police said that I was not behaving in any manner which was a concern. They said that I appeared pleasant to those receiving the leaflets.
19. The police asked me questions about my mental health, which was obviously normal. They had no concerns and said they would do nothing. They said they asked these questions at the direction of RANZCP staff and nothing else.
20. I had pleasant interactions with RANZCP colleagues some of whom I knew. I note that they were Psychiatrists and did not make any police calls about me or my mental health.
Concerning behaviours of the RANZCP staff:
1. RANZCP staff called police about the CLEARLY lawful actions of a paying Fellow without ANY reason except to censor free speech. Astounding.
2. RANZCP made a false claim that the content of my leaflet was something that required police attention. The police strongly disagreed.
3. RANZCP made a complaint about lawful distribution of leaflets to multiple parties which was factually and obviously incorrect. It is not a crime to distribute leaflets in a public space, which is a commonly known fact.
4. Intimidation of tourists by RANZCP staff is not appropriate, particularly when I was the object of RANZCP actions. They were distressed and very confused. The police reassured them that they had done no wrong.
5. RANZCP staff directed police to assess a RANZCP Fellow for a Mental Health assessment with no evidence at all to warrant such actions. Indeed RANZCP staff had the opportunity to speak to me prior to calling the police but did not.
6. The actions of RANZCP staff were clearly intended to prevent College Fellows from receiving my leaflet.
7. My colleagues saw me being interviewed by police.
I request a genuine full apology immediately and not obfuscation nonsense from a lawyer.
These actions by RANZCP staff are very troubling. The police have assured me that a full record of all occurrences will be made.
The College staff are not only refusing to help me for over one year with a clear ‘Political Abuse of Psychiatry’ but have now actively attempted to unlawfully silence me.
Dr Russell McGregor
PS – Sorry to say but there are other supporters of President Trump in the College who gave a shoutout today. Are you going to call the police on them too?
And here is the reply I received:
Dear Russell

Thank you for your email.



So RANZCP calls the Police on a paying College member because they want to illegally Censor his right to free speech.
In the process of doing this they humiliate him in front of his Colleagues and put him through an involuntary Police interview.
Then they are found to have made an inappropriate call to Police and wasted valuable Police time.
Finally they have a request for an apology and they Do NOT apologise.
Are you happy that this behaviour occurs at the RANZCP?
Is Trump Derangement Syndrome so acceptable? Does any behaviour justify the means?
I won’t even bother dwelling on the fact that they did nothing when they knew one year ago that a Fellow got Bankrupted and had his Right to Practice Medicine removed – all for his Political opinion.
Make Australia Great Again,
Dr Russell McGregor
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