Post – 25th May 2019 – A

25 May Post – 25th May 2019 – A

Post – 25th May 2019 – A


Potentially there may be a few more readers of my blog today after the breaking news from the White House.

As you are aware, the corrupt Deep State MSM in Australia has finally been forced to acknowledge, that Australia and the UK, are being investigated for crimes against the People of America.

For those of you whom have followed my blog, you would know that I have written to every major news outlet in Australia, with information about Australia’s role in Spygate and the crimes outlined by QAnon. They have all refused to even acknowledge receipt of the material information.

The MSM will feign ignorance and fight the facts until they are seen for what they are – criminals.

Trump today –

“It’s the greatest hoax, probably, in the history of our country and somebody has to get to the bottom of it”

“We’ll see”

“But for a long period of time, they’ve wanted me to declassify and I did”


This was a great shoutout to all Anons around the world.

It wasn’t the MSM whom wanted DECLAS; it was us – the QAnon Patriots.

And if you don’t understand the magnitude of the content of DECLAS think about this:

[Clinton Foundation]

[Iran Deal]

[Uranium One]

[Crimes against Children]

etc etc etc

Here we can see the Departments cc’ed into the President’s DECLAS request letter to Attorney General William Barr.

The documents are in the millions and will encompass all the Deep State crimes. Hence all these Department’s NEEDED to be informed and will conduct investigations with the evidence provided. It is mammoth.

Barr can then make suggestions to Huber and Durham for prosecutions.

It is the checkmate we have wanted for 18 months.

In a sense it might be the time to gloat that the criminal entity that is The Deep State Medical Council of NSW and the Liberal Party Politician’s running a protection racket for their mates have all been exposed. However I can’t. The damage they have inflicted upon me has been too great for any such thoughts.

Similarly the profession of Psychiatry in Australia has been significantly lessened. It is what it is. Any Psychiatrist reading this should reflect on what has occurred to a whistleblowing Colleague.

Anyways the bigger picture is that the process of removal of very bad people in the Deep State worldwide can now occur.

Politics will be transformed.

Honesty and transparency will have a chance to flower.

Follow Q and be a part of this Great Awakening.

Get a VPN and follow the Boards/VOAT QRV.

Get activated.

There is so much work to be done.

Brace for the impact of DECLAS.

Hold our Government to account.

Hold the lying MSM to account.

Oppose the Censorship of ideas combatting the Deep State.

Have the courage to research.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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